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Listing websites, or single property websites, are gradually becoming an essential tool in the marketing tools arsenal of savvy realtors. The reasons are simple: 1. Single property websites impress sellers, because they see them as proof that their agent is willing to work hard to sell their prop...
These days, competition in the real estate space is so fierce, that it’s not enough to BE an expert in your field – you have to show prospects that you are indeed knowledgeable and can give them added value, beyond what others can give them. While some fear that the rise of the Internet will even...
This one did give me a good laugh ...
We all know by now that having a real estate site is an important part of any realtor’s marketing strategy. An agent website is at least as important as any other marketing material you may create. It enables you to showcase your knowledge and expertise and – with proper optimizing and social med...
I really enjoyed this post!Are you ready for a SUPER tool to add to your SEO toolbox? Take a look at the Wonder Wheel.What is it? Wonder Wheel, right there hidden on Google search results page, is great and easy to use VISUAL Search Engine Optimization tool. The Wonder Wheel shows your search res...

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