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Mortgage Rate Indicators for Denver Whether you are thinking about buying or selling your home, it's important to track mortgage rate indicators in order to have some idea which way the interest rates are moving. The mortgage rate indicators aren't ever absolutely "on the mark" with pointing an u...
Colorado Springs MLS Many buyers are aware of the services provided by the MLS, or Multi-Listing Service, as a means of determining available properties sorted by specifics such as location, number of bedrooms, baths, price, etc. What few buyers really understand, however is the complexity of in...
The other day my husband (who is in the same business) told me about a new loan application he got from an old acquaintance. I was shocked to hear she had found us after all this time, so I asked him how in the world she found us??? It wasn't just his answer that surprised me, but my initial reac...
  Mortgage Rate Indicators for Denver We all know the law of gravity: what goes up must come down. But here's the law of interest rates: what goes down will most likely go back up! If you or your clients are trying to decide when is the right time to lock your interest rates, I suggest you keep a...
Getting ready to sell your home in Castle Rock Colorado Whew! You've made it through the holidays! Time to take down the decorations and put them away. But where are you going to put them? You've run out of storage space. Matter of fact, you're out of garage space, bedroom space, and every other...
I posted this about the middle of December. You'll see we are now at 169,296 members. So when will we roll over to an even 170,000? My original guess was to hit that number on the 10th of January. What do YOU think? We would need another 700 members in just over a week??? Here was my original pos...
I just had to reblog this one. Just as a reminder on why I don't have to add this one to my list this year! Happy New Year! Ruth Vogt, Business Development Manager (LMB100023827) 720-489-0712 6025 South Quebec, Suite 110Englewood, CO 80111    http://w...
First time home buyer in Castle Rock If you are a first time home buyer it's important to recognize the additional expenses that come with a home. Here is an excellent post by an expert on the east coast that makes some budgeting suggestions that apply to every first time home buyer. And if you ...
    Ruth Vogt, Business Development Manager (LMB100023827) 720-489-0712 6025 South Quebec, Suite 110Englewood, CO 80111   2007 WR Starkey Mortgage, LLP. Believing 2010 will be a great year for Active R...
Remember when you believed all you had to do was ask? For those of us in sales, could that be something we often forget? Ask for a referral? Ask for the appointment? Ask for the business? Believe in... YOURSELF! Are you wishing for a prosperous New Year in 2010? Or believing it? Something to thi...

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