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Christine O'Shea has put out an alert for a fellow ActiveRainer and her missing nephew.  Please  reblog her post if you can and get the word out.  Anything.. any word we can get out to help may be just the one word that is needed.  URGENT, URGENT…Fellow Active Rainer, Melissa Grant and her family...
  Military families at Ft. Polk, LA, enjoy discount with local photographer. Many businesses around Leesville, Louisiana, offer discounts to military families who are stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana.  I am excited to share an amazing opportunity for military families with the local photographer...
Tammie White is one dedicated Real Estate Agent!  You must read her story of a closing delayed because of delays in cleaning the home!  I have disabled comments so you can make your comments directly to her! I've been working a very difficult sale that was supposed to close today. Unfortunately, ...
Love this post from Ron and Alexandra - BOOK REVIVAL!  Maybe it is because I have always loved books - reading, collecting, decorating.  All types of books.  I have disabled comments so you can tell Alexandra how great this is. As a luxury real estate marketing professional, it is important to ke...
What a great post by Fernando on using his iPad!  You will love the video!  I have disabled comments so you can tell Ferando directly how awesome this is! I'm in real estate. . . . Communication is essential   HOW WOULD I SIGN  A CONTRACT (if) PITBULL was my client! Easy. .   my iPad + PDF Expert...
June is PTSD Awareness month:  How Can YOU Serve? One of my mortgage offices is located in Leesville, Louisiana, the home of the Army base of Fort Polk, Louisiana.  Almost daily, I have a soldier in my office, and many of those soldiers are just home from war.  PTSD is common among our clients as...
Mimi Foster wrote an inspiring post regarding the Colorado fires and priorities.  Head over to her site and give her some encouraing words - I have disabled comments. Ordering Your Priorities  As many of you are aware, Colorado is in an apocalyptic state of fires, record breaking temperatures, an...
Recently as I was shopping in the produce section of the local Market Basket grocery store,  I was drawn to the organized display of vegetables.  I stood for a minute, just admiring the colors and bright assortments before I began to load my grocery cart.   I bought more than I had intended.  To ...
Cindy Jones is passionate about serving those who serve and it shows in her posts.  PLEASE share this with all of your contacts.  The word needs to get out.  And drop by and tell Cindy she is a true warrior for the warriors.  I have disabled comments so you can go straight to her.Over the weekend...
Beautiful post - beautiful person.  This is what it is all about - serving others.  I just had to share - some of you may not have seen this.  I have disabled comments so you can make your comments to the author!  It isn’t like our jobs lack difficulty, emotion, or even on many occasions' risks t...

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