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Steve Jobs Seven Secret of Success - Come on and steal them!  Isn't it  incredible that this was Jobs' mindset?  He WANTED us to steal saying "Good Artists copy, good artists steal"!  Enjoy this blog shared by William Johnson! Steve Job's Seven Secrets of Success. Come on and steal them, he wants...
  VA Funding Fees.......Are you confused yet?  It has been a frustrating week for those of us who work with military borrowers. VA has now officially backtracked - and the funding fee reduction (see my previous post outlining and singing the praises of that reduction here), for the military homeo...
  Happy Fall to all my friends at Active Rain! I wanted to share this picture taken by my daughter (Beth Lee Photography) of this Little Pumpkin,  Josey Beth, my youngest grandchild! Like most successful projects, this photograph was the combined efforts of my talented daughter with a camera, me ...
    Unbelievable....... Last week I wrote a post celebrating the lower VA funding fee going into effect for VA loans closed on or after October 1, 2011. Sadly, it appears that at least for now, the lower VA funding fee is in jeopardy.  The following announcement, listed as "Important News" dated ...
Operation Twist .....I like what David shares in this great informational post.  As he says, ".....whatever you want to call it and however you want to "spin" it, this could be VERY good news for the Real Estate market."  And we sure could use - a little good news today!  Enjoy!  (I have disabled...
A great list of Do's and Don'ts for preparing a home for today's market from Kristine Ginsberg!  You will definitely want to share this with others - and I have disabled comments on my page so you can go directly to Kristine's site to tell her how great this post is!  Preparing Your Home for Toda...
 The Homebuyer is Missing the Contract Date by Three Days.....and Everyone is Still Happy! (Including the Real Estate Agents and Seller!) Missing a contract date is the kiss of death for a mortgage professional in my neck of the woods! is it that my client, a military home buyer,  is...
What day was the best day to lock a mortgage interest rate last week? THURSDAY! But - if you snoozed on Thursday? You lost on Friday! By the time the markets closed for the weekend, nearly all of the Fed-led gains had been drained from mortgage bonds. The speed at which mortgage rates can change ...
Russel Ray is a great example one of the most UNSELFISH members of the AR community!  You will love his blog making a case for "reblogging" - and DON'T BE SELFISH!    I have disabled comments so you can direct your comments straight to Russel!    Are you being selfish?(a case for reblogging) I ma...
Here are three simple strategies that can get you started today on marketing your business with Twitter!   Connecting with potential clients, building your database and increasing your website traffic are the three simple, but powerful, ideas to get out there and start "tweeting".  As always, Reb...

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