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What if you negotiated through the COLLABORATIVE style of NEGOTIATION instead of the COMPETITIVE style?  Would it make a difference?  You betcha!  A very enlighting post that can teach all of us a lot about our styles of negotiation!  And I personally can't wait for Loreena's Part 2  - I have dis...
What a great idea Irene had for "sharing the wealth"  and then Russel Ray posted!  Will DEFINITELY grab your attention - and isn't that what we look for in our "marketing" ideas?  Wander over to Irene and tell her what a great idea she had!  And tell Russel how glad you are he shared!  I will dis...
  Always Communicate the Next Step! The Continuing Saga from the Series: "The Dentist Diaries" I couldn't wait. The on-line website had glamorized this dentist as the only one within two hundred miles who could accomplish what I wanted - the "Six Month Smile". He would have a specialized plan. Ju...
  My question to you today is this: What pair of shoes, boots, or flip flops do you have in YOUR closet which are truly making a difference in the lives of others?  Let me share with you how you can change that!  But first - listen to the rallying cry of several hundred mortgage professionals at ...
Love the creative ideas that Sharon Tara has shared for homemade Halloween costumes!  You will be delighted and amazed at some of the wonderful creations she has.  I have disabled comments so you can let Sharon know how much she is appreciated for sharing! Making your own Halloween costumes isn't...
 I once read the only thing people dreaded more than a trip to the dentist, was applying for a mortgage!  As I sat in the dentist chair a few months ago, as a result of one of my 2011 goals to take care of my “dental health”, and experienced afresh and anew the agony of dental exploration, I coul...
One of my favorite people in the real estate industry is Steve Harney. Steve is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer and I have been very blessed to meet and visit with Steve on several occasions. He is the "real deal"! Steve always has interesting insights into current market trends in t...
  Are you wondering about that word ....."Lagniappe"? It entered English from Louisiana French, which in turn is derived from the American Spanish phrase la ñapa (something that is added) or throwing in a little something extra.  Although a old custom, it is still practiced in Louisiana!      It ...
Little Miss Josey Beth sitting among the Black-eyed Susans along the lane that leads to our home.....Her mother loves using Black-eyed Susans in her photography projects!  Black-eyed Susans are actually growing everywhere on our property! They can grow to over three feet tall in just about any ki...
  Looking for a goldmine of referrals for future business? Look no farther than the relationships you have already developed with your past clients!  Instead of spending precious time and money marketing to people you don't even know in an effort to procure new business, wouldn't it make more sen...

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