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Words tell but pictures sell part 2 This two story territorial custom home features a walk deck and wrap around veranda. The secluded master suite takes the entire second floor. The shower wraps around the master tub. The entrance to the walk-in closet has triple floor to ceiling mirrors. The spa...
BananaTude tip of the day I was in Walmart yesterday and went to get some bananas.  When I got there all I could find were overripe or rotten bananas.  I guess Walmart's BananaTude is that if they only put the old bananas out then that is what people will buy. At first I was a little upset that t...
They say that words tell but pictures sell Someone said this to me recently. As a result I am taking a different approach with my website this year. Rather than listing my long list of accomplishments and hoping that someone will read it, I am using pictures and animations to showcase my work. He...
When flashing goes wrong. It is always a bad sign when there is a tarp on a roof.  Tarps are meant to temporarily keep water off of things.  They don't stand up to the hot Phoenix sun.  When I saw this tarp I just had to see what was under it. Here is what I found when I uncovered it. This flashi...
Wind proof yard signs on a budget. I was talking to a client about her remodel project that is under construction.  She said that people were asking who designed it.  I asked her if I could put a sign in front.  She said yes. I contacted Ashley Pugmire of Visual Designer LLC.  She designed a new ...
Here is a great post by Jay Markanich on proper placement of shut off valves.  This is an important thing to look for when purchasing a Phoenix home. So, is this a gas line sediment trap or escape hatch?  You decide. The features list in the house said, "Newly installed HVAC system 2011!"  All tr...
Staying cool in Phoenix is no easy task.  If there was a way to do it and save $30 per month would you do it? Here is a step by step process to make it happen. Check with your utility company and make sure you are on the best time of use plan possible.  Here are links to the rate plans at APS and...
Join us for the 9th Annual West Valley REALTOR Expo This should be a fun event.  I am going to be in booth 90.  Who is planning to come? For all your Arizona House Plans and Phoenix Home Inspection needs contact me. 602-326-4061
How to keep your Phoenix closet toasty warm. Many times people use various kinds of space heaters to heat a particular room.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Most of the time it is the living room or the bedroom, but never the closet.  Here in Phoenix there are maybe one or two months where s...
This is a follow up to the post What not to do when listing a house part 2.  I said that there was another disturbing addition at this property.  It seems like common sense to know that a tree can get large and damage a foundation.  I usually like to see large trees at least 10 feet from the hous...

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