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I have witnessed many closings as a notary signing agent, and seen many changes.  One of the biggest changes in loan closings is merely the fact that a borrower can do their closing in their own home, or wherever they choose.  I'm often told by borrowers that they are amazed that this is possible...
'I have a document that needs to be notarized.', is usually how the conversation will start.  I'll ask the caller what kind of document it is, and if it has notary wording on it. I'm not concerned with the contents of the document.  But I am concerned if this person has written the document thems...
In my notary journal there is a section for placing a thumbprint from the signer.  And I have the necessary requirements for taking a thumbprint: a thumbprint inker, and the knowledge of how to take a thumbprint.   But the question is: Should I require it?   First and foremost, I have to abide by...
Yes, of course they can. Stuttering is not a character flaw -- it's a speech disorder.  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Jimmy Stewart, James Earl Jones, Carly Simon, John Welch (former Chairman of General Electric) ... these are just a few of the dozens...
In a previous post (Signing services that 'get it') I wrote about signing services, and the bad reputation that a lot of them have.  But when you read the comments that notary signing agents write about them, you have to really decide for yourself if the comments are justified.  For example, ther...
I always pay my Verizon wireless bill on time.  One of the reasons: Each month Verizon sends me a reminder  email with a subject line: "Important Information Regarding Your Verizon Wireless Account." The message starts out: "Your current Verizon Wireless bill statement is now available for online...
E-closings (eSignings) provide a way for the borrower to sign their loan documents electronically.  With the click of a mouse they can sign one, or even several documents at once.       The borrower is not the only one who can sign these documents.  A flaw in the system?  Computer hackers? Not ex...
A lot of the closing assignments that notary signing agents receive come from 'signing services'.  These companies are the middlemen between the title company and the notary signing agent.  The title company contacts the signing service when they need a remote closer, and the signing service cont...
I always thought of owning a car GPS as a luxury.  I could never think of a good reason to own one.  Just give me a good map and I should be able to find my way around, was my attitude. Well, I finally broke down and bought a GPS for my car a while back.  It's the Garmin Mobile XT and it works wi...
Many people have a family doctor.  They might also have a family lawyer, a family pastor, an accountant, and a few other people whom they turn to when they need those particular types of services.  They feel comfortable turning to just one person, because that person is intimate with their family...

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