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It is understood that, if a borrower has a right to cancel, they are to receive two copies of the right of rescission.  This is a federal requirement.     Should the borrowers sign their 2 copies of the right to cancel?  This was a question that was raised on one of the notary message boards rece...
No, it won't be so you can write a check to me for doing the closing.  That is already taken care of by the company that hired me. But rather, you will want to have a voided check if you want to have your proceeds wired to your bank account.   I did a Reverse Mortgage closing yesterday.  It was a...
Well, it depends on what you mean by 'mentally incompetent', since there are many definitions and interpretations. And in the case of someone buying a home, or someone refinancing their mortgage, that interpretation just might come from someone whom you would least expect: a notary One of the res...
I'll never forget that day.  I had driven from Colorado Springs to the borrower's home in Pueblo to do a refinance closing.  The borrower's father had stopped by.  He wanted to go over the loan documents with his daughter and offer her advice, make sure she was getting a good deal, etc.  I hardly...
'It depends.' That's usually how I will begin trying to answer that question. Because it really does depend -- on a lot of things. First of all, it depends on the borrower, and how much time they are going to take.  All borrowers are different.  Some will say, 'I've done this a thousand times. Ju...
It's something that any notary signing agent would dread: having to go back out to the borrowers for some reason. There are several reasons why a notary signing agent will have to go back to the borrowers after a closing.  A document might be missing a signature or initials, is one reason. Not on...
I carry a pouch for ink pens in my briefcase.  The pouch has two compartments: one for blue ink pens, the other for black ink pens. The reason for this is that I never know for certain what color ink to use at a closing.           'Are you stupid or somethin'?' No, I'm not stupid.           Altho...
According to my Colorado Notary Law Primer, I am not supposed to assist others with legal matters.  I'm okay with that. It goes on to state that I am not to assist others in drafting, preparing, selecting, completing, or understanding a document or transaction. I'm okay with that too.  After all,...
Question:  I did a closing in Colorado for a signing service located in California.  The borrowers signed the loan documents in Colorado, but the property is in California.  The notary wording on the Deed of Trust acknowledgement ("I certify under PENALTY OF PERJURY under the laws of the state of...
A notary posted a remark on a message board about a company, warning others not to do signings for that company.  This person obviously had a bad experience with that company.    Another notary commented to that post saying that he did a closing for that company and was paid promptly, and that he...

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