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A notary signing agent asked a question on a message board this morning about Power of Attorney notarizations, and was chastised by several other notary signing agents for asking the question. They felt that the notary signing agent should have been able to answer the question on his or her own. ...
For the majority of the closings that I do there is a 3-day right to rescind.  Most borrowers welcome this opportunity to have a chance to review the documents, get answers to questions, resolve any problems, ... etc. However, not all borrowers want to wait 3 days. I hear it often. 'I've come thi...
Whenever I get a request to do a closing in Florissant, Colorado, I think of that saying: 'It's not just a job. It's an adventure.' For starters, Florissant, Colorado isn't actually a city.  You won't find paved streets with traffic lights.  There are no neighborhoods with rows of houses and kids...
I got a call yesterday from someone in Colorado Springs in need of a mobile notary to notarize a Lease Agreement.  When I arrived I asked to see the notary certificate on the document.  Instead of the usual notarial wording, all it had was the word 'NOTARY'. Apparently this was the place where th...
I have come to accept that not everything in this business makes sense.  So it comes as no surprise to me when I see important instructions for the closing embedded several pages within the loan documents. And I learned my lesson a long time ago that you are going to get conflicting instructions....
I did a closing this morning at 10:30 a.m. in Colorado Springs. What's so unusual about that, you're probably asking. It's Sunday.       To a notary signing agent, being asked to do a closing on a Sunday morning is not at all unusual.  For those of us who are available 24/7, it's part of the job....
An oath, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, is "a solemn, formal declaration or promise to fulfill a pledge, often calling upon God or a god as witness."  We normally associate oaths with courtrooms.  A witness takes the stand, raises their right hand, and swears to tell the truth, th...
I had a closing yesterday in Divide, Colorado, located in Teller county, not far from Woodland Park.  After the closing experience I had last week in another part of Teller County (Florissant), I decided that I would use GPS for this trip as well, although it wasn't necessary.  If you're heading ...
I received a call last Saturday from someone requesting mobile notary service.  The document was part of a Colorado Professional License application. This wasn't the first time this person had this particular document notarized.  Why a second time? They were doing it for a second time because the...
I have a confession to make. A few years ago I had a closing assignment in Florissant, Colorado.  On the way there I took a wrong turn and had a hard time finding the borrower's home.  It didn't help that he lived far off the beaten path, and that there was no cell phone coverage so that I could ...

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