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Notary signing agents are instructed to always be polite and courteous, and to never address the borrowers by their first name, even though they may insist upon it. So throughout the signing it is always 'Mr. Borrower' or 'Mrs. Borrower'.But it's not always 'Mr.' or 'Mrs.'There have been times wh...
One of the documents that a borrower may be required to sign at closing is a Correction Agreement - Limited Power of Attorney. The heading of it will look something like this:_____________________________________________It's the kind of document that can evoke suspicion in any borrower. What kind...
Occasionally I will get a request to do something that I simply am not authorized to do as a Colorado notary public. Today was such a day, and a Medallion Signature Guarantee is such an act.The man told me that it was for transferring stock between himself and his father. It reminded me of the ti...
I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I've lived in Colorado Springs for 18 years, and this is now home to me. But I still miss a lot of things about Detroit. Although it was a big city, all of the streets had different names. There was only one 'Buena Vista'. One 'Virginia Park'. One 'Tyle...
Occasionally I will encounter a borrower who wants to know how much I make for each closing that I do. Some are direct about it, and will ask me how much I'm being paid to do their closing. And there are those who aren't so direct, yet they are still curious.  They might pretend that they are int...
The amount of paper that I had been accumulating over the years has become so overwhelming that I have decided to go paperless, wherever possible. If you've been reading my past blog entries, you know that I am finding more and more uses for my Palm T|X. I spent the better part of today scanning ...
I wanted to back up some files on my external hard drive yesterday. When I checked to see if I had any space left on the disc I was using, I was puzzled when I saw that I had close to 4 gigabytes remaining.How could this be?The CD-R discs that I use only have a capacity of 700 megabytes. Then I n...
With the wind chill factor it felt like 6 degrees outside. This is what it looked like in Pueblo West, Colorado on Saturday morning. Frigid cold and icy roads:The only top that he wore to his Reverse Mortgage closing was a t-shirt. No coat. No hat. No gloves. Is he crazy?No. He was actually quite...
There is a lot more to printing loan documents than simply turning on the printer and clicking on a few tabs on the computer screen.WYSIAWYG (What you see isn't always what you get)I noticed that the margins on the HUD Settlement Statement were cut off:____________________________________________...
I have never thought of my website as an advertising tool. It's my way of sharing information with the public. So you won't see a lot of gaudy bells and whistles. No ads. No tricks or gimmicks. Mostly information.But yesterday I discovered another reason for having a website.I got a call to notar...

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