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I will admit it. I discriminate. I try to treat all borrowers equally when I'm given a closing assignment. But I treat people who get reverse mortgages differently.I'm scheduled to do a reverse mortgage closing on Monday morning. The title company called me tonight to let me know that they were s...
One of the reasons that title companies prefer to use experienced notary signing agents is because, they need closers who are able to make decisions on their own -- people who don't need step by step instructions on what to do for each situation. As quiet as it is kept, the people at title compan...
Closings that are delayed because of late loan documents are something that notary signing agents have come to accept. It's frustrating. Yes. But it's a situation that is, for the most part, out of our control.  Nevertheless, there is something that we can control -- the amount of information tha...
One of the thoughts that I always have in mind when I'm about to do a closing is that, this is an opportunity. Seize it. Because the people whom we meet may want our services in the future. Or they may be in a position to refer us to someone else. With that in mind, I approach each meeting with t...
GPS systems are pretty nice to have in your car. But I've been finding my way around without one for so long that I could never bring myself to buy one. If I need to get directions for a closing assignment here in Colorado Springs, I simply go to Mapquest, get directions, and print them out. If i...
Whenever I receive a call to do a closing, there are many things that I will want to know about the closing assignment. If the caller doesn't volunteer the information, then there is a mental 'script' that I go through. I want to know what type of loan it is, where the borrower is located, etc. N...
The first impression we make on someone can be a lasting one. The only thing is, we don't know what kinds of things will turn a person off, or what kinds of things will make a favorable impression. I had a closing last Friday in Peyton, CO. I know the streets well enough that finding my way aroun...
I discovered over the weekend that someone has taken one of my topics and put it on their website, without asking me.  This is my topic on a reverse mortgage closing that I wrote (A Reverse Mortgage, and a gourmet burger to go, please):_____________________________________________________________...
In order to get a college degree, you have to take a lot of classes, or have an equivalent amount of credit hours. And as you recall, you couldn't take just any classes that you wanted to take. There were a certain amount of required core courses, and electives. All of these courses were designed...
Oh no, not another one of those 'How to become a notary ...' articles. I'm fed up with the articles too, whose purpose is usually to get you to buy something, or to drive traffic to their website, since they usually have the procedures for all 50 states. And they take an oversimplistic approach t...

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