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Downtown Colorado Springs is becoming a more attractive and appealing part of the city. One of the things that makes it such is the Downtown Shuttle bus that runs through the heart of downtown. It provides a convenience to visitors, shoppers, people who work downtown, students, and even the occas...
Not all of the loan documents that notary signing agents receive end up being signed by the borrower and sent back to the lender. A lot of them end up being shredded.There are many reasons. The borrower may have changed their mind and decided they didn't want the loan. Or they refused to sign at ...
It never ceases to amaze me that the cell phone makes it possible to receive a call, no matter where I am or what I'm doing. It's also comforting to know that I'll never miss a call, as long as I have my cell phone with me. And on one occasion, during the blizzard last year, it nearly saved my li...
I did a closing yesterday for a title company. I have worked with this company many times. They make mistakes, but I'm able to catch them so that things work out.They made a mistake with this closing. They left a document out of the package. The documents were all sent together in one file, so th...
When I arrived at the closing yesterday, the borrowers daughter greeted me. She was probably 8 years old. She introduced me to her parents: "This is my dad." "And this is my mom." Her father responded, "She's the information source in the family."During the signing she wanted to stay around and w...
I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on reverse mortgages. Nor will I try to lead you to believe that what is in this topic constitutes any type of "training" at all.  Quite the contrary.  There is no special "training" that notary signing agents need to do reverse mortgages. At least that is...
Ever since the inception of the new 1003 loan application there has been uncertainty among notary signing agents about the signatures required on the top of the first page.  The confusion is in the instructions that are given:If there are two borrowers, then of course you have both of them sign t...
When I first started as a notary signing agent I would try to book as many closings in a day as possible. I figured that it would take me no longer than an hour to get through a closing, and make it to the next one. That is, until I encountered my first ... "reader"."Readers" are borrowers who wa...
One of the most difficult parts of my job is getting the borrower to understand that I am a notary signing agent, and that I do not work for the lender or title company. I am an independent contractor. They are under the impression that I perhaps have a desk or office at the title company, and th...
The borrower is not required to pay the notary signing agent fee.  The obvious reason for this is that they have already been charged closing costs. They are all outlined on the HUD Settlement Statement. What the notary signing agent should be paid comes out of those fees.  To ask the borrower to...

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