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Most of the requests that I get to notarize foreign language documents are for German documents, since German is the language that I know.This morning I got a call from a Russian man, asking if I would notarize his signature for a Russian document. Of course. When I got there he showed me the doc...
It's a situation that every notary signing agent has been in. You're driving in your car, perhaps on your way to a closing, and you get a call on your cell phone.  The caller has some information for you that you want to write down. But you can't, because you have your hands on the wheel. Not on...
"Children should be seen and not heard." Malarkey!Not only should children be seen AND heard, but they should be made to feel special. I try to do this whenever there are children present at a loan signing.One way is by simply talking to them.  There isn't much opportunity to talk with them durin...
The next Colorado Notary Public Training class will be held on Thursday, August 16, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Secretary of State's office, located at 1700 Broadway in Denver.Materials are provided, and each participant will receive a certificate of completion in the mail. There is no fee to ...
Is there a professional organization for Notary Signing Agents?Yes. There are many organizations that signing agents can join, including the Signing Registry that I mentioned in Part I. I recommend that the first organization they join is the National Notary Association. Are there professional de...
In one of the topics I posted recently, ActiveRain member Jeff Link commented, "I am a Realtor and I also am a Notary. What exactly is a signing agent and what do they do?"  I hope that he didn't think that I was ignoring him by not responding right away. It's just that it is difficult to say wha...
I got a call a few hours ago to notarize a person's signature so he could join the police force. It was 10:30 p.m. when my cell phone went off and, quite honestly, I was in bed. But I'm 24/7, and I'm a notary, so I agreed to do it.When I got there the man appreciated it very much. He said he call...
I do a lot of closings for a lender who sends the documents to the borrower by overnight courier. Everything has to go into that one envelope: the original documents, the borrower's copies, and the return envelope. Not much room for a classy looking folder for the borrower to keep their copies. A...
I got a call yesterday to do a closing in Canon City on Friday. I was in my car, and on my way to a closing, so I wasn't able to determine exactly where the address was located. I told the company that it's about 50 miles away, and that I'd have to charge extra for travel. They were aware of the ...
You received a set of loan documents that were sent by overnight delivery. They arrived on the same day as the closing. You notice that there is only 1 copy of the Notice of Right of Rescission. There are 2 borrowers. You have to leave soon to go to the closing. It is early in the morning, and th...

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