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I was in a closing yesterday morning. At the same time UPS had delivered a package of loan documents for another closing that I had to do. The company that sent the documents marked the package so that it would require a signature. The driver left a note on the door, as he's supposed to do, letti...
I got a call today to do a closing scheduled for next Tuesday. The closing is up in the mountains. I call it 'Map & Compass Territory' because the roads usually don't have signs. And you won't find these locations using the locator tools. They just don't recognize the addresses.They asked me what...
Many times the lender will send the loan documents to the borrower and instruct them to find a notary to notarize their signatures, where needed. The borrowers will sign all of the rest of the documents on their own.The problem with this is that there are very specific ways in which the loan doc...
I did a closing yesterday at a mortgage company in Woodland Park. It was my final closing for the day. The loan officer was there. She didn't say much the whole time as I went over each document with the borrower. But she was obviously tuned in to what was going on. This was her client.When I was...
Everything I learned about being a notary public and a notary signing agent, I learned through reading books, doing research on the internet, and through experience. But I've never attended a notary training class.  So a couple of months ago I registered for the Notary Public Training Class offer...
I got a call last week from a woman who needed someone to conduct the signing of her loan documents and notarize the signatures. She was unable to get around well because she injured her leg. It's one of the many reasons that I come to the borrowers to do their closings: to make it convenient for...
Normally I go into a closing carrying a briefcase. For one of my closings yesterday, I was carrying bicycle panniers.I enjoy cycling, and do it as often as possible. Not only is it a good form of exercise, it's also a good form of transportation. If I have an errand to do, such as dropping off lo...
I would venture to say that John Denver had a place like this in mind as he sang the tune, Rocky Mountain High, Colorado.I had a closing yesterday morning in Black Forest. I have been to Black Forest many times, but never to a place like this. From the moment I arrived, I felt: 'this is paradise....
I got a call last week from LandAmerica to do a closing at the LandAmerica office here in Colorado Springs. I had passed the building many times in the past, and always felt a little intimidated. I never thought I would have a reason or opportunity to go in there for any reason. But I would be do...
One of the questions that I'm often asked, just before I'm about to notarize a signature on a document at a closing is, "Don't you have one of those things ... you know, the kind that you have to squish ...?"  They're referring to an embosser. "Yes", I tell them. "I have one." In Colorado, a nota...

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