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If you can refill your car's gas tank, you can refill the toner cartridges for your laser printer yourself. Notary signing agents do an enormous amount of printing. Thousands of pages of loan documents a week. We buy paper by the cases (plural). I could build a small house from all of the paper t...
Well, there's really not much that you can do to hurry the process. So relax. You're in one location, the people preparing the loan documents are in another.  You can call and inquire. But they already know that you need the documents.I have a closing this evening, and the documents have not yet...
Eine Kur für Sehnsucht nach Deutschland (A cure for longing to be back in Germany)If you're homesick for Germany, or looking for a place where you can find German delicacies, then you will certainly want to visit Wimberger's Old World Bakery and Delicatessen. It is situated on a quiet, tree-line...
On a few occasions I will get instructions letting me know that I don't need to get a photocopy of the borrower's ID:However, most of the time the title company insists on getting a photocopy.  I make a point of requesting it when I make the confirmation call. It's a requirement that should be ta...
I did a reverse mortgage closing this evening for an elderly woman who doesn't get around very well. She has to use a walker. To make it comfortable for her, she sat back in her recliner. I pulled up a chair and sat beside her. I laid my notary journal in my lap so I could keep the papers in orde...
There are many nice aspects to downtown Colorado Springs. One of the nicest is Monument Valley Park. Come inside. I'm sure you'll like what you find here.     The park is easily accessible. As you can see, there is a stairway to the right, and a ramp to the left for wheelchairs.       Monument Va...
Last night I was going over some notes that I have been saving. Mostly inspirational notes. One of them is J. Paul Getty's Wealth Secrets. They are broken down into 8 Rules. They are as follows:  1. To acquire wealth today, you must be in your own business.2. You must have a working knowledge of ...
Arguably one of the best mechanics of German automobiles in the city of Colorado Springs is Gary Kohler, the owner of Volks Tech, located in southeast Colorado Springs.  He has had a VW repair shop in Colorado Springs since 1974, and has been repairing German cars for more than 40 years. All make...
I stopped by the Grindlwald German Delicatessen to buy a loaf of genuine German bread. Whenever I'm there I take a moment to chat with the owner. Today was no exception. Her English is very good, but German is her mother language, and that is what comes natural. So that is the language in which w...
It's still true. The real treasures are seldom lying out in the open. You have to dig for them.Far off the beaten path, nestled in a grove in southeast Colorado Springs, is Pikes Peak Vineyards & Winery. I visited there and had the good fortune of meeting winemaker Paul Tafoya, who took me on a t...

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