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One of the things I credit ActiveRain for is making me more curious about my community. Every aspect of it. Things that I would have ignored at one time, have taken on a new meaning. And so it was last Saturday.I was driving through the Spring Creek area of Colorado Springs last weekend and happ...
I visited the Jazzed On Java coffee shop last weekend and had the opportunity to speak with Jessica Renaud who works there. She was kind enough to take a moment to grant me an interview. Here's what we talked about:What is your name?I'm Jessica. Jessica, how long have you been working with Jazze...
by Lynn T. SlossbergThis textbook is broader in scope than what the title of it suggests. It's not just for paralegals, but for all real estate professionals. And it's not just a lot of theory. It's all applicable knowledge.  Every aspect of real estate law is covered. Each chapter has clearly de...
by Jack Guttentag ("The Mortgage Professor")This is the kind of book that should be in the library of every real estate professional, homeowner, real estate investor, ... anyone involved in real estate transactions. If you currently own a home, or you're planning to buy one, this book will guide ...
If your closing is being conducted by a notary signing agent, there is much that borrowers can do to prepare themselves to ensure that the closing will go more smoothly.Have contact information for your loan officer: The first thing that borrowers must understand is that the notary signing agent ...
If there is one book that every notary should own it's a Notary Law Primer. These are indispensable tools that contain just about everything a notary needs to know.The title would lead one to  believe that these have only to do with notary law. They are actually a whole lot more.   Using the Col...
Before I became a notary signing agent, I was a college German instructor. I did that for 20 years. A lot of things became a habit, such as preparation. Anyone who has taught in a classroom will tell you that it's a lot of work. It takes an incredible amount of preparation. You're like an actor w...
2005 Updateby Doris Barrell, GRI, DREIReal Estate Finance Today is an introduction to residential real estate financing. It is published by Dearborn Real Estate Education.I wanted a book that would be a good introduction to residential real estate financing, and one that would be ideal for self ...
I can't remember ever getting a call for notary services late at night on a Saturday. Usually if there is a closing to do, I'll get the call in the early afternoon. So it came to me as a bit of a surprise when I got a call last night at around 10:15 p.m. The man had a Release and Assumption of Ri...
A Complete Reference on Notarial Laws and Procedures in America This is an excellent reference work that deserves to be on the shelf of every notary public. It was written by Peter J. Van Alstyne and published by the Notary Law Institute. It is informative, scholarly, interesting, and enlightenin...

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