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Since Feb.2007 the mortgage industry has changed and changed drastically. Every day it seems like the first day on the new job every day on the job.Each days seems like a day of new guidelines and restrictions, programs that were there yesterday are sometimes gone tomorrow. With so many changes t...
Oil in the USA... With oil prices shooting to over $130. a barrel it's about time we start tapping into the resources here in the USA.  I found this acticle online about a guy in Indiana who has struck oil on his property and is now in the process of setting up oil wells. http://www.marketwatch.c...
FHA Down Payment Grants Unlike some down payment assistance programs, our DAP offers down payment help to most anyone who qualifies for an approved FHA loan. There are no limits on income or assets, but buyers must have an FHA loan or be pre-approved for an FHA mortgage. The DAP program offers: U...
Federal Housing Administration - FHA Mortgage Loans Military Veteran's and Those Serving Our Country  - VA Mortgage Loans Below is some helpful information on FHA Mortgage Loans and VA Mortgage Loans.To get started immediately click here for our FHA and VA Loans on-line application. Federal Housi...
Over the past couple of months more and more people are turning to FHA and VA Loans for their mortgage financing needs. With the sub-prime market now non existent and 100% financing pretty much a thing of the past we are getting flooded with Government loan applications. The increase in Govt. loa...

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