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Connecticut Mortgage Rates Drop To Near All Time LowsThis is a great time to refinance or purchase a home!If you are a home shopper last month you would have a rate around 6.25%, this month you buy that same house and save $139.36 a MONTH!Example of a 30 year fixed mortgage with a $250K loan amou...
Back on Sept 12th I posted this blog: They say life changes when you have a child, I now know what everyone is talking about Well time flies as we near the final 6 weeks until our new one is due to arrive, the estimated time of arrival is Feb 29th, yes leap year.... I guess time will tell. Things...
Commercial Mortgages - Purchase or Refinanceup to 97% LTV for owner occupied propertiesGreat programs for first time investors or seasoned investorsLow Cost FeesFAST CLOSINGS! 30-45 Days Typical Closing TimeFlexible UnderwritingApply Now With No Upfront Fees ~ Free Pre-ApprovalsBank said no? Call...
Connecticut Mortgage Rates are falling again....Purchase or refinance and get a great rates as rates start to near all time lows!As of end of business today the 30 year fixed rate 5.375% with 0 points for qualified borrowers,,,,For those who qualify for our Low to Mod income program you may get e...
Tips on Reading an Inspection ReportWhen interviewing a home inspector, ask the inspector what type of report format he or she provides. There are many styles of reports used by property inspectors, including the checklist, computer generated inspection programs, and the narrative style.Some repo...
So many people are fooled into using a mortgage lender/broker by the bait and switch game and when they are too far in it's too late to switch to another lender.First off mortgage shoppers, WHO INVESTED THE QUESTION "WHAT IS YOUR RATE?" that is the worse question anyone can ask because it lacks t...
It amazes me that so many first time home buyers think that they know it all....When they actually have not been told it all at all! The First Time Home Buyer calls  a lender and the lender says " We have CHFA which offers 5.25% rate for first time home buyers " They think wow, now that's a great...
Connecticut homeowners recently received some help from the FHA Secure program. Benchmark Mortgage Can Help You With Your Conneticut Mortgage If You Are Having Problems Making Payments After Your Adjust Rate Mortgage Has Reset.FHASecure allows homeowners with a history of on-time mortgage payment...
BENCHMARK MORTGAGE  - COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE LENDING Yes we do have Stated/Stated Programs for Commercial Mortgage Lending! PROPERTY TYPES FINANCED:Multi-family (5+ Units) Apartment Buildings Mixed Use (residential & commercial usage ) Office Retail Warehouse Mobile Home Park Self-Storage Facilities...
Have you notice more activity in homes showing and sales over the past week? For some reason the past 7 days have been the busiest we have had since last summer! If this is a sign of the market to come I welcome it! Interest rates have been going down and near all time lows which helps stimulate ...

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