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Connecticut Home Buyers Can Still Enjoy The Benefits Of Home Ownership with Our 100% Financing Options as well as our Low and No Money Down Programs Still Exist and Benchmark Mortgage is here to help you buy your home.First time home buyers are welcome.  It's a great time to buy, it's a buyers ma...
Connecticut Mortgage Rates Fall Shortly After The Feds Cut the short term interest rateToday the Federal Reserve announced a 1/2% key short-term interest rate cut to 4.75%! There is wide acceptance that this cut was meant to re-energize the housing and mortgage markets.The Short term Key Rate tak...
One of the biggest problems with becoming successful is Time Management, I found this quote and thought it was right on the money so I wanted to share it with everyone.Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed.Peter Drucker, Businessman Something so simp...
It amazes me to see how many people look at a blog and don't comment, my blog Subprime Lenders Got What They Deserve - has 1059 views and only 49 comments. I took a look at my stats today and see most blogs get hundreds of views and a very small amount of people acutally comment on them.Why do yo...
ASK FOR THE BUSINESS!!!Every sales person would increase their sales 20 percent or more if they would just ask more often. So why don't they ask more often?Most would say that the majority of sales personnel do not ask for the business because they are afraid of rejection. They do not want to hea...
I  read this blog this morning and my head started to boil, made no sense to me and bashing/blaming Realtors on top of it?I had to response to this  blog : Why Tell Buyers It's a Good Time to Buy - When It's Not!  Who's the Devil Here?Are you kidding me?This is a GREAT TIME TO BUY! But it's not a...
I just wanted to share my GOOD NEWS! My wife and I are having our first child, after nearly 11 years of marriage we figured it was about time we started to settle down at least a little.People say life really changes when you have a child and even though Jamie is not due until March 1st I sure do...
Ever wonder about your Credit / FICO scores ? Here is some information that should be helpful to you to understand the credit scoring system. I think the credit scoring companies try to confuse us all on how they actually come up withscores but this may help clear up that Smokey picture.   Leo Na...
Taking a few minutes out of our day to remember those who lost their life in this tragic event and those who have lost their lives trying to rescue those who were trapped or injured in the disasters on 9-11Also don't forget those brave men and women who are serving our country today to protect ou...
" These are dynamic times in our biz and you need certainty. With so many lenders closing shop over the past few months and the largest of lenders treading water and uncertain of their future, it gives me great pleasure to offer my services. I am positioned as an adviser in this market and can gi...

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