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I was reading the Blog That Idiot Loan Officer #%&!!  which was a great blog and almost every Realtor who posted a response wants Communication, Returned Calls and Reliable Pre-Approvals...... Sounds too easy....Well that's because IT IS EASY!About 95% of my business is made up of past customers ...
 Homebuyers who pay less than 20 percent down payment usually pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI), but a law passed by Congress makes that cost fully deductible on income taxes starting in 2007. This new law applies to new loans for households making less than $100,000 per year.The change al...
Starting April 14, 2007 Wells Fargo will offer the " On time closing guarantee" to all loan applicants who qualify... If we fail to close on time due to being Wells Fargo's fault, *Wells will pay the First Months P&I payment on your mortgage!Reliable Pre-Approvals and now the "on Time Closing Gua...
If you are out showing homes and running around with prospects now more than ever having a reliable Pre-Approval is very very important. With all the sub prime troubles and lenders folding like cheap tents you owe it to yourself and the home sellers to work with a lender who will be able to close...
With the sub prime market still melting and lenders tightening their belts across the board one option which is not looked at as often as it should be is a VA loan. Of course you have to have served time in the service and be eligible but for those who are eligible it's a great alternative for 10...
Happy Easter Everyone...... I wish everyone a happy day and a successful 2007 spring and summer market.The 2007 spring/summer market will bring some challenges but overall I think if you have the right partners and team it could be one of the best spring/summer markets.So far 2007 has been the be...
The sub prime industry continues to crumble, there is a web site that has been keeping track of the fallen companies. The site reports 50 such companies have gone bye bye..... Take a look @ of you already know the site but for those who don't it's interesting stuff....
Mortgage Basics Although each individual home financing package has its own variety of features, the concept of a mortgage is really quite simple: a mortgage is a loan made to help you finance a home. Your lender advances you a certain amount of money, which you repay over a specified period. Rat...
  Many people have no idea what their credit looks like prior to making application for a mortgage. Sometimes there are things on the report that are incorrect which may cause them not to get approved for a mortgage. Unfortunately in the mortgage industry there are loan officers who don't go the ...
I hope everyone is enjoying the same great start to the spring market as I am.With all the negative news spreading throughout the media the past 8-12 months everyone seemed to be bracing for a slow real estate market this spring, so far this has been the best spring for me since the re-fi boom.  ...

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