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DIY Your Own Expert Smartphone Photography
The Banana-belt Warmer Climate of the Black Hills Who would have guessed that Rapid City, South Dakota has such terrific weather. Rapid City weather is due to its location - at the base of the Black Hills. The mountains provide a natural barrier from blizzard-like weather in the winter and scorch...
Making a Hobby Farm in South Dakota's Black Hills: Six Critical Factors The most critical seeds you'll ever sew at a hobby farm are its initial plans. Overlook any of these critical initial planning issues and you'll surely limit harvests forever. For some people, there is nothing more emotionall...
Keep in mind South Dakota fence laws affect buying vacant land and horse property! Is that land you want in a "fence-in state," or a "fence-out state?"  You better get that one down before committing plans for your new ranchette or hobby farm.  Or even before you buy property adjacent to, or even...
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Just a few weeks ago the 30-year fixed interest rates were being quoted at about 3.75%. Today we’re seeing 4.5%. That means it will cost you about $30,000 more today than last month to pay off the loan for Rapid City’s median-priced homes. We’re also hearing that mortgage rates are expected to co...
by Lee Alley. Find your Black Hills dream home at Rapid City Search .com 5 Big Issues to Consider When Evaluating Investment Land in Black Hills, South Dakota You learn good land investment from mistakes...either yours or someone else's.    If you get in the mood to buy or sell undeveloped land,...
  SOUTH DAKOTA HOUSING PRICES CONTINUE TO INCREASE ! Rapid City Home For Sale How’s the Rapid City and South Dakota housing markets?  Well, these hard data from the Federal Housing Finance Agency tell it all.  While the TV and radio news follow the “blood in the water” of the abysmal U.S. market,...
  THE POTENTIAL HUGE RISKS IN WAITING TO BUY RAPID CITY AND BLACK HILLS REAL ESTATE  Mortgage interest rates are at an all time low.  You can buy $50,000 more home today than the median priced home two years ago, but with no higher payments.  That’s right, a median priced Rapid City home two year...
  How Far is Our Housing Market Down? ...Not Much! We hear this question a LOT:  “How much have area home values fallen during the national housing crisis?”  And the answer is:  “Not much.”  Hardly any.  Yes, volume is down in some sectors.  But Rapid City area unemployment remains one of the bes...

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DIY Your Own Expert Smartphone Photography
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