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Author Bio: With over 21 years of experience in real estate, Jon’s knowledge of the real estate market and real estate industry is exceptional. Jon started investing in real estate before he decided to obtain his Real Estate Salesperson's License. Jon is a native of Long Beach, Jon currently lives and works in Long Beach California, and Jon has a deep passion for Long Beach California and its rich culture. Jon provides the best local area and relocation information, tips for investors, buyers, and sellers, current market reports, mortgage rates and much more…..
 Top 3 Reasons To Purchase A Home This Fall  As the long summer days come to an end and days start to grow shorter, there are some substantial home-shopping benefits. And even though fall typically signals the start of things slowing down in the real estate market, it doesn’t mean the fall season...
 Real Estate Investing "Positive Cash Flow Is King."  There are many ways to make money and (IMO) real estate investing just happens to be one of the very best investment strategies due to flexibility and diversity as well as the fact that you own an asset that’s tangible. And compared to other i...
 Buying Your First Investment Property  Are you thinking about investing in rental property? Before spending your hard-earned money, you want to be smart and do all of your homework (and I mean ALL of your homework) as the business you’re about to embark is multi-dimensional.  Before investing it...
 Knowing How Much Rent You Can Afford   It doesn’t get more exciting than the expectation of renting your own place and making it your home. As exciting as having a place of your own – before you start renting you have to make it a financial reality. The very first thing you have to do before the...
 Buying/Selling A Home – Don’t Give Up More Than You Have To!   *Whether you’re on the buying side “or” selling side of the transaction – you never want to give up more than you have to. After your intense search for the for the perfect home, it finally happens. You finally get your offer accepte...
  Waving The Home Inspection Is A Big Gamble.       As a home buyer, you want to make your offer as attractive as possible. But waiving the home inspection may sound like a great strategy, but it is a big gamble at the very least. And here’s why.   Buyers in a competitive housing market need to s...
 Apartments Are Sweet Like Candy To Investors!    High investor demand, high rental demand equal rising rents. Renters are feeling the pinch, but what can they do? Years of rental increases have taken a toll on renters, and they seek relief. But don’t look to new investors for relief because inve...
 Our Right To Connect And Communicate.   When we go online, don’t we have certain expectations to be connected to whatever website we want? And when we go online don’t we expect that our cable or phone company not mess with the speed of data and connect us to all websites, applications, and conte...
 Preventable Worries!  We can’t help but worry; it’s in our DNA. Sounds bad I know – but we all are conditioned to worry! From the moment we learn how to speak, our conditioning begins. It is human nature to emulate others even when it comes to worrying. The things we worry about are boundless.  ...
 Debunking A Few Home Selling Myths…   Are you thinking about selling your home? Now more than ever it is easy to find advice about selling your home, but you need to be very careful as there is a lot of information (especially unsolicited information) that is either not that good or just plain f...

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