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This web log records my activities with nwRealty.Net, Inc. and nwRealty.com. I endeavor to remain objective but frequently express my personal opinions.
I've previously posted a couple of blog entries regarding how important it is to reflect the accurate status of a listing.  Do you think that providing a link to confirm availability is sufficient?  I.E. http://www.nwrealty.com/?27104881  If this link is clicked after the listing is not active, t...
Are Washington agents and REALTORS monitoring ActiveRain's Referral Exchange?In the past 24 hours I've posted 13 leads for Washington State Buyers and I'm really surprised not to have received any inquiries.  The lifespan of a web generated lead isn't very long.  To avoid conflicts of interest wi...
Last week NWMLS announced its new password policy that is a good example of personal security and avoiding/minimizing identity theft.  Here's a brief summary ... Some Do's:minimum password lenth of 6 charactersuse a mix of numbers and letters update passwords frequently (every 90 days)use more th...
Something I thought I can share ... So this guy calls yesterday asking about rents near the Port of Tacoma.  A fast talker ... turns out he has an acre of commercial land he wants to lease.  A paraphrase of our dialogue follows...- Me:  "Who is your property manager?"- Him:  "Well, uh ... I was k...
Seems like the dark ages now, but long ago I was trained to classify leads using the "A-B-C" system described here..."A" Leads are HOT!  These prospects are ready to buy/sell now ... drop everything and contact them immediately to schedule an appointment. "B" Leads are warm.  Make it part of your...
Last Friday I received a phone call from Cheryl asking permission to fax a notice for her broker's open house.  She has a pleasant voice and conveyed a warm personality over the phone.  This common courtesy occurs all too rarely and broker open notices usually clutter my machine along with all th...
There has been a flury of Short Plat Applications in the City of Edgewood this year.  I received the latest notice over the weekendThe location is 12506 16th Street E ... just around the corner from where we live.  It is a 2.96 acre parcel being devided into 5 lots.  At first I thought this was o...
Last Christmas, Santa left me with a nice big LCD monitor for Christmas and we have thoroughly enjoyed it ever since.  While shopping and considering how big we should buy the sales people would always respond that we needed at least a 60" screen since our sofa seating is 14 feet away from the mo...
I haven't run a spy ware scan in almost three months so this morning I fired up my local installation of Lavasoft's Ad-Aware SE.  Since it has been so long, of course I was prompted to update the detection software with new spy ware definitions ... only to receive notice that Ad-Aware SE will not...
Any Google Analytics users have data reporting from yesterday?  My heart stopped this morning when I saw  ZERO visits reported for July 29th (yesterday).I checked the Google Analytics Blog and the only post potentially relevant was from last Wednesday the 25th ... regarding the upgrade and final ...

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