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y-laws, rules, and regulations. It seems like anything you want to do around the house requires some research into city ordinances first. Here are some questions and answers for some common questions you may encounter during your time as a home owner. As always, you can find more information on t...
Let’s face it - buying a home will probably be the biggest purchase of your life. And if you’re new to buying a home, I can understand how confusing and crazy it may seem. But take my word for it. The process is not as scary as you may have thought. Here are the general steps that you will have t...
If you’re a first time home buyer, you may be wondering what sort of costs you’ll be facing down the road when it comes time to close the sale on your home. Because there are so many fees, expenses, and taxes to pay, it may be a little scary and overwhelming. Below is a list of the general costs ...
In my last article, I touched upon the good sense of upgrading your kitchen to maximize the value of your home. The kitchen serves as the centre of the house, so investing money into the kitchen is a great way to make those dollars work for you. If you’ve ever had the chance to go through differe...
You may be considering hiring some outside help for some common house tasks. Whether you've just bought a home and are looking to make some changes, or you're considering selling your home and want to touch it up, hiring professional help may save you money in the long run because tasks get done ...
So you're looking to buy a home in Brampton with a separate basement apartment to lease out for extra income, but you have no clues as to the legalities of the basement. What exactly does "Vendor does not warrant retrofit status" mean? What issues do you need to be concerned about when purchasing...
Here are the latest numbers for the real estate market in Brampton for December 2008. Selling prices have dropped in line with the rest of the GTA. The time it takes to sell an average home in Brampton has increased to just over 40 days. December 2008 In December of 2008, Brampton had 1,748 acti...
This is a question I often get asked by homeowners looking to make renovations to their homes. It's important to keep building permits in mind when you're either looking to buy real estate or sell your home, as it may affect the house values as well as incur legal issues. So when do you require a...

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