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GET FLUENT. GET AFFLUENT! (TM) Luxury real estate marketing is a high stakes game. We invite you to join our forum where we will discuss leading-edge luxury real estate marketing strategies that can give you a competitive edge and help you gain access to the wealth of the world.
We have lived in this area of Santa Barbara County for almost 12 years.  We have loved every moment of our walks on Sandyland beach in Carpinteria, and we have never tired of walking here.   We leave looking forward to the next time. I could never stay long enough on the shore; the tang of the un...
A couple of weeks ago, as we crossed the channel on Sandyland beach at low tide, we noticed an abundance of mussels growing on the rocks.  When the high tide comes in, the water will cover them, and they will feed on the nutrients the ocean brings.  Nature is so lovely in all its forms.Happy Thur...
We are adamant about exhaustive research when we come up with a brand name for a company or an individual.  Here is an example of a situation, where in our opinion Rolls Royce did not do a good job of coming up with a good name for their very private social network app exclusive to those who own ...
We had lunch at Industrial Eats today.  Signs of Spring abounded! On the right side of the picture you can see the blue heather growing on the hillside!Further down the mustard was blooming on both sides of the freeway.In Quincy Park the bottle brush is beginning to bloom everywhere!The plum tree...
We had a meeting yesterday at our favorite coffee place, Handlebar, in Santa Barbara.  We like sitting outside and watch people with dogs.  This cutie pictured above was patiently waiting at the table while her owners were getting their lunch next door.  Even from a distance, that creature made m...
Marketing like Your Mean It is something that Barbara Todaro talks about and has a proven success record of marketing with postcards!  Since I have been following her posts, I have been paying attention to all the postcards we receive.  They all end up in the recycling bin.Here is one that did no...
Mindfulness has infinite benefits.   On a walk, taking each step deliberately, as well as each breath you take, as well as taking note of all you hear becomes a joyful journey.  "Walk as if you are kissing the earth!" is one of our favorite quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh.  We think of it often as we w...
I took this photo this morning after our breakfast/brunch at Cold Springs Tavern.  It reminded us of the California Impressionism school of artists.  The lighting was amazing, and the Cold Spring Bridge added a beautiful accent of bright green.    The terms California Impressionism and California...
The weather pundits tell us that it will rain around 11AM this morning, the skies are dark with clouds, and every so often the sun peaks out.  Here are some of the other things sold here. There are plenty of flowers sold at the market.  Here is just one of them, pictured above. Baba Hummus drives...
We have enjoyed this Rosé Champagne several times.  It is reasonably priced considering that it comes from a well-known and respected Champagne house founded in 1868.  Here are the comments of experts  Winemaker Notes With its delicate, pinkish hue, Canard-Duchêne Brut Rosé stands apart for its i...

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