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I am in the process of finding another office location for my Broker to expand into.  It's another office and I have been chosen to manage it.  It's a very exciting endeavor for me.  My role would be to maintian the office, keep the Agent's paperwork organized and recruit Agents to work in this n...
A recent trip to Hollywood led me to one of those "Start Home Bus Tours".  Click the link below to see Orlando Bloom's house.   Orlando Bloom:
Ever been one of those people that had to spend half a day in the airport sitting around?  Well that was me last week.  I arrived early to check in, around 5am, only to discover that I had booked my flight for the day before and not the present day.  I had mistaken ticketry-  Ouch.  After $150 an...
Last week I toured Hollywood California.  As a Realtor, I am all about the real estate, no matter where, but especially Hollywood.  I couldn't believe how close the celeb's homes are to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.  We could have almost walked to some of the homes from out hotel.  It was s...
I recently blogged about my trip to Los Angeles and my tour of the stars homes.  I was impressed about the homes accessability and the public, as many of them were located right off the street without fences, or at least tall ones.  One could imagine how many actors have been paid a visit by a wa...
On a recent trip to Los Angelels, CA, I took a bus tour of the "Homes of the Stars".  Our bus drove through the Hollywood Hills, the Canyons and Beverly Hills past some of the homes of the most famous stars in the entertainment industry. Here is George Clooneys house, which was located dirctly ac...

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