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I an am Agent for Farmington, Ct and alwasy looking for sites or info for my Buyers on our town that my help them decided whether to purchase here or not.  The picutre above is of Miss Porter's School, which is a private all-girls boarding school located in the center of town.  Jackie Onassis at...
The Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington Ct is one of the most beautiful places to go and spend a few hours.  Built in 1901, it houses famous pieces of art from the masters Monet, Manet, Cassat and name a few.  It also has the loveliest grounds around-from rolling meadows to formal a form...
Good Evening All!  Having worked with many first time home buyers, I took it upon myself to write up a "Homebuying Timeline".  Many times Buyer's don't know which step is next which can be confusing and frustrating for them.  I jotted down 10 steps to homebuying from submitting and offer to closi...
Vision Real Estate is looking to expand into a Farmington office.  If you would be interested in coming to check us out, please email me at You can also check us out at We currently have offices in Avon,Unionville, Bristol, Plainville, Torrington, Winsted, ...
Earnest money deposit through the mail can be tricky.  I was recenlty working with Clients who are from out of state.  They came up to look at a few houses and ended up submitting a contract on the one they loved.  The Seller requested a very large deposit on the home that was to be submitted wit...
I recently has Client's who were vegetarians and vegans.  When I am with my Clients, I will often offer to buy them lunch/snack/coffee etc, when house hunting, as it can be a long process.  Well, when one of them is a vegan, stopping at the local coffee house for a snack or a drink can seem unsen...
I have been looking to lease some office space in my town to open up another office for my Broker.  I have been looking for the last month at available properties and haven't found one that my Broker has given the "OK" on.  There isn't a whole lot of inventory for the small size that I am looking...
Click on the link to see my videos of the starts homes.  I recently went on a trip to Los Angeles and in true Julie Nearing fashion, I just HAD to check out the local real estate.  It's fun and indulgent.  Come on..I know you want to peek! URL:
I decided to purchase some ad space on zillow over the summer.  I was able to make a small ad and choose the area code that I wanted to run it in.  I am sure are familiar with this type of Internet marketing, as many sites offer this service to Agents.  About two weeks after I had my ad up and ru...
Ok folks....I am searching for some very useful information.  What are some of the best ways that you have marketed yourself?  Please post your comments!

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