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We have all been reading and hearing about the terrible situations all up and down the Missouri and Mississippi river valleys. I can not imagine the difficulties that people in those areas are experiencing. Trying to clean up after a flood is a daunting task. We see on TV and in other media video...
Whew! It's hot. But here is a way to stay cooler while you work. It is not by any means an original idea with me, but I keep forgetting to do it. There are water absorbing bead filled tubes that come in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes. You soak them in water for a half hour or so and then w...
The National Fair Housing Alliance is accusing banks of failing to maintain REO properties in minority neighborhoods to the same standards that are used in other neighborhoods. The Alliance alleges that the lack of equal quality in maintenance perpetuates neighborhood segregation. As I read thru ...
I was reading a discussion of the current federal budget difficulties, and one of the terms being thrown around was "tax exenditures".  The idea was that if tax credits or deductions were added to the budget mix, that this was money that was actually being spent. Now, in my mind you have to have ...
I was inspired to write this by a previous post about "rude agents". Do you know what you sound like on the phone? I think many of us would be amazed at how our phone voices come across. I hear absolute monotones from some and disjointed phrases linked only by "uhh's", ahh's, and "that kind of st...
I read a piece in the latest issue of Realtor Magazine online that credits a bankruptcy attorney as saying that he believes that in the future credit scoring agencies will be less likely to hold a foreclosure or short sale against a borrower to the same extent today that they would have in the la...

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