Customer loyalty is essential when it comes to sustaining and growing your business. When you provide service that goes above and beyond expectation, you’ve already completed the most crucial step. Here are five more steps to ensure that you make clients for life by going the extra mile. Build Yo...
Every single person you so much as make eye contact with is a potential client. To be a great real estate agent, we have to network during every waking hour. If you want to fill your pipeline, and eventually expand it, then you have to take advantage of every interaction.
Creating a fruitful career in sales is a true accomplishment. But when we have a great sphere of influence, work in a solid market, and have deals coming in, it can be hard not to rest on our laurels. To remain a top producer, we cannot afford to stay still for long. It isn’t that we have to cons...
Luke Acree talks about how to lock in your friends and family as potential clients. It can be easy to take them as a given, until you see they did business with someone else. Here are two simple hacks to integrating friends and family into your client list. 
 If you want to keep your pipeline full, you’ll need a rock solid client list. Our president and client marketing coach, Luke Acree, shares the tips he's learned over the years helping thousands of sales professionals stand out from their competition and rise #abovethenoise. 
Starbucks has grown from a single café in Seattle to a behemoth corporation ingrained in international culture. In countries around the world, people of different nationalities line up to get their caffeine fix, many of them daily consumers. The chain of cafes is a textbook example of ubiquity. T...
I teach everyone on my sales floor to “assume the close,” meaning they should go into every pitch already convinced they are going to land the client. Reality dictates that there is still a long way to go. Objections will arise, and more than likely the sale won’t happen, because sales is a losin...
Community involvement is extremely important for all industries. However, for an industry that’s as client centric as real estate, getting your face out and about provides you with various opportunities. From helping others, to improving your image, to making connections within the community, get...
ReminderMedia does marketing differently.Sales is all about relationships, yet most marketing is just a smash-and-grab attempt to get a person’s attention. It doesn’t actually build rapport. This contradiction inspired the creation of ReminderMedia’s flagship product, American Lifestyle magazine....

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