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How FHA, VA, Jumbo Mortgage Interest Rates are determined in Alabama It isn't easy anymore in determining what Jumbo, FHA or VA mortgage interest rates are available for your purchase or refinance in the United Sates or in Mobile, Alabama. You can no longer look at a newspaper, an ad or pick up t...
Preparing your buyers for the home inspection Below are 5 tips that will help you achieve a better home inspection experience.  No buyer should buy a house without one and all buyers are on an emotional high.  So, here is some food for thought! For those of you who ever took Psych 101 and thought...
Preparing for an appraisal Knowing what to expect and preparing for the appraisal on your home is important.  Providing the appraiser with the information they need and access to your home is vitally important for an accurate appraisal report.  Be Prepared! If you're selling your home, you know t...
Home Mainenance MUST be a "pay as you go" or you will pay BIG later! Great advice for a fellow blogger on planning for your fall maintenance.  Don't let repairs go or they can create bigger repair bills later.   Summer has not ended yet, but I am thinking ahead. I recommend all of my clients, fam...
How long has your home been on the market? All across america, there are tons of homes on the market.  If yours is one of them, what have you done to set your home apart?  What makes your home more desirable?  Some great advise on setting the stage for a successful sale. You probably know many st...
Are you showing your listings in their best light?  I could not believe how vivid the color were in these photos.  Photos speak volumes and this looks like a selling great tool for my referral partners.  I found a really great article on HDR photos and how to use/process them correctly. If you'd ...

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