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When you were out driving through a neighborhood and you were looking for a home to purchase what really caught your eye? For most of  us it's the same thing it starts with curb appeal. How is your landscape? Is your home up-dated on the outside with new paint and in overall good condition? The o...
It's amazing,  one to try to will this perception on others when all it is, is stinking thinking.  i was speaking to this person and they said i can't hold out my had and rob this person.  I replied i don't understand where your coming from.  It was a strange conversation coming from anyone.  We ...
The answer is Yes!  direct your family and friends and business associates to this site.   I have it as one of my links on active rain.  They will also up-date you and put you on an e-mail alert.  Great site.  Keith Ziegler cut and paste it and link it to your site.
I just thought i would post this saying it's so true.  Keith
How to Appeal Your Real Property Valuation The Assessor mails a Notice of Valuation to real property owners May 1 of each year. If a property owner believes that the real property has been incorrectly valued or classified by the Assessor, or that it was not valued fairly as compared to other prop...
  I never gave this much thought before.  Can a Carbon Monoxide detectors go bad after 5 years of use?   This comment came across my Twitter  Realtor4lifeMB   Carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced every 5 years, because they lose detection accuracy. Ask your local fire department.  
I have to say as a Colorado Real estate Broker the best real estate software i use when preparing contracts is QES.  I love it.  Denver Metro Area is 303-652-0203 and out of Area 1-800-795-7759.  I have now go and prepare a contract on my favorite software program.  Have a great night.  Keith
When i first speak with a potential client that maybe facing foreclosure or doing a short Sale transaction i first let them know before doing anything i want them to first call HOPE.  They can sometime save there home. Then they need to speak to a Attorney and also speak with there tax accountant...
How effecitve its Branding? Consistency in Real Estate always seems to be the name of the game.In an environment of ever increasing changes in communication and its form of delivery, design is fundamentally vital.  Design is the core of marketing, as marketing is the core of communication to your...
If any of you out there have any suggestions as to a lead capturing web-site can you let me know please. I'm looking to put something up that will serve my clients and customers.  I do have one but i have to post most of the content and it sometimes can get insane.  I would like a site that easy ...

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