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I'm here to educate homebuyers and/or sellers on topics related to mortgage lending and share fun and educational facts about the real estate market. My company, FirstTrust Home Loans, offers highly competitive rates through our direct to consumer lending channel (no middleman) known as “Direct Rate.” We do this with transparency, service, speed, and a human touch. To meet these requirements, we offer an engaging, concierge user experience. Our Direct Rate system provides an intuitive borrower portal that offers simple, transparent interaction, the ability to easily, safely, and securely upload and store documents with real-time status updates and the ability to engage with experienced lending professionals at any point in the process. We have been in business since 2003. Choosing a mortgage lender is a major decision, and at FirstTrust Texas, we take our jobs as lending professionals very seriously. Please consider us for an opportunity to earn your business. Hope you find my blog educational.



Four times annually, the Federal Reserve surveys 84 different banks about general banking conditions. One of the survey questions asks about current mortgage lending standards and whether they are loosening or tightening. The chart above is from the April 2008 survey and it illustrates what we a...
When the everyday "Cost of Living" increases, our dollars don't go as far as they used to.  Economists call this inflation. One popular method of measuring inflation is to track prices for 84,000 individual items and lump them together into a "basket".  If the overall price is higher, then the e...
  The ubiquity of "free" credit reporting services like,, and have helped breed a new generation of credit-aware Americans. Because credit ratings have more importance to everyday life than in years past, this is a welcome development.  ...
Mortgage rates ended higher last week on stronger-than-expected jobs data, strong consumer spending, and an appetite for riskier investments.But, investors were most excited about the Federal Reserve's hint that its rate-cutting cycle may be over.The week was quiet until Wednesday when the Federa...
RealtyTrac released Q1 2008 foreclosure statistics and the data follows an interesting statistical phenomenon most commonly known as the "80/20 Rule".The 80/20 Rule states that 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes.In this case, 80 percent of bank repossessions in the first...
The Fed lowered the Fed Funds Rate by a quarter-percent to 2.000% yesterday.Because it is tied to the Fed Funds Rate, Prime Rate also fell by a quarter-percent.  Prime Rate is now 5.000%. Holders of home equity lines of credit and credit card debt benefited from the change and will see lower inte...
As you know. MI became tax deductible for 2007 and has recently been extended through 2010. This tax deductibility applies to single financed premium MI (the type of MI that is paid by the borrower, one time, up-front at the settlement table). I often get asked if this deduction is all taken in t...

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