FHA 90 DAY FLIPPING RULE WAIVER: Effective February 1st for all home loan purchases where an investorhas purchased a property aand intends to flip it and sell to a home buyer within a 90 day of investor purchase. HUD thought it would be a grand idea to allow for this to open up the market in hope...
FHA HOME LOANS: So I have been doing some reading on the potential changes to the FHA Home Loan program. An increase in the upfront Mortgage Insurance and an increase in the down payment, in addition to a minimum credit score. Down payment changes on this home loan program from it's present 3% to...
What a joy it is to see our home buyers happy at the end of the home process. With the ability to close their home loan on time or sooner makes the home loan buying process stress free. When a home buyer knows that they can give notice, make plans and prepare to celebrate their new home; these bu...
Looks like Bonds and home loan rates are feeling the heat and pressure from several fronts. Inflation fears are creeping into the economy and as inflation is harmful to bonds that means that home loan rates will move higher. While home loan rates are incredibly low, it is clear this won't last mu...
FHA is here to StayIn a recent interview with MS-NBC, the Commissioner of the FHA made some very interesting points.  A lot of this information is not widely known. Some key points that Mr. Stevens made were as follows: 1.  The FHA is not considering going to a minimum credit score formula for qu...
FHA Streamline Refinance can REDUCE YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENT  by $50.00 to $200.00 dollars. NO Appraisal, NO bank statements, NO paystubs or W2's!! If your Interest Rate is 6% or more you may be a candidate... Minimum Credit Score of 620.00 required. Estimated Closing days of 30 days or less.
When shopping for a home loan, one of the best avenue's to finding a good lender is by referral. Ask your local Realtor for a few names of lender's they may recommend. Ask family, friend and co workers who they used and find out how their experience was. Look for a loan officer who is local,worki...


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