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As seen in this weeks Aiken Standard, once again the county will take a look at the Blue Laws which currently govern what can and can't be sold on Sundays before 1:30 pm in Aiken County.  Beer can be purchased at almost any gas station but building supplies, clothing, etc can not be purchased.  I...
in 2007 in South Carolina real estate tax law was changed.  The new system is called "Point of Sale Assessment"  The difference between P.O.S. and the old way is that every few years the tax assessor would come around and estimate the value of the property and your taxes would go from there.  Now...
Yesterday the South Carolina State Senate was visited by many Realtors from across the state to lobby for change in Point of Sale Assessment.  I was very pleased to see the turn out of Realtors, I think some of the Senators were overwhelmed with the number of people that showed up.  Thanks to eve...
Yesterday, May 1, congress decided it was time to "tackle" the issue of the college football bowl system.  Again, congress is debating the BCS on the tax payers dime.  STOP WASTING OUR MONEY CONGRESS! It is my opinion that the BCS is not perfect however I understand that this is the most profitab...
Little cover, as least of yet, has been given to a issue concerning many Americans taxes.  This year President Obama gave a very small tax credit to a few Americans which has shown up in the paychecks of workers.  I'm not going to argue, well not in this post, giving a very small amount of money ...
Tommorow night in Downtown Aiken is the 23rd annual throughbred lobster races.  On Newberry Street between Park and Richland... an estimated 10,000 people gather to listen to fabulous music... reconnect with each other... have great food... and watch the south's premiere Lobster Race.   Not only ...
Last Monday I applied for a passport at the local Post Office.  To my suprise, when I went home for lunch I checked the mail and there it was.  This is a new passport, not a renewed one (I'm not sure that would make a difference).  I can't believe how fast the Passport Office was able to process ...
Aiken is truly the most beautiful town I have ever been in and now have the pleasure of living here.  One of the reasons is because of the attention to detail the city has placed on the trees, shrubs and flowers.  Recently the city placed a fine on the a local shopping center because their landsc...
Last nights, most of the discussion came over two issues:   1.  Changing the voting location for precinct 53.  Currently held in Chucker Creek Elementary school however the school board would prefer it not be in this school.  No vote was held.   2.  First reading of an ordinance to amend the conc...
Tonight the city council will meet at 7:00 pm.  A few months ago University Health Services was turned down.  They are back again tonight.  This is going to be the "first" reading of an Ordinance to Amend the Concept Plan for University Health Services, Inc.  Whether you are for or against Univer...

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