I had an aha moment today... It was actually a Starbucks moment (and no I wasn't overdosing on a double espresso,) but I did stop and say aha, or rather, "that's the true meaning of customer service. A little background - I am a true Starbucks addict. Started back in DC when I had to pass one on...
I love to shop. Hands down it is one of my favorite past times. I am also an avowed bargain hunter. Coupons, sales, discount stores, GOB liquidations, these are all some of my favorite things. I love it when I can get a great deal, a buy below retail or even better, below cost. These sorts of dea...
 Tomatoes – I’m up to my ears in tomatoes, literally. They are covering every surface of my kitchen. I’ve given them away to friends and family. It is truly a tomato overload. To give you a little background, for the past few years I’ve have a little garden. Nothing fancy, a couple of tomato plan...
So my husband always says - To assume makes an a** out of you and me. Now usually he is talking about my assuming that he'll take out the trash, pick up his dirty socks or empty the dishwasher, things that I think should be assumed, or at least taken for granted, but I have to say that when it re...
We all know that real estate can be a 24 hour, seven day a week business. With that in mind, I am interesting in hearing others ideas and suggestions for relaxation.  My personal favorites - a cruise when I have the time to truely get away. The cell phone doesn't work and email gets pricey on boa...
 I was sitting in a real estate finance class today, when the teacher made the comment that realtors should never take an active role in controversial election issues, particularly local issues like school funding. His reasoning was that you would always alianate more people than you would befrie...

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