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This is a great tip from Fernando.  It kind of goes along with my post about how House Hunting is Like Dating. So, a love letter to the seller fits right in!Home Buyers Letter To Seller A Love Letter To The Seller? Over the years, I have used this tactic when we write offer for our buyers. Seller...
While working as a Buyer's Agent in Colorado Springs, I have shown countless homes to a number of people. I am always struck by how similar the process of home shopping is to looking for that perfect mate. This is what I mean: First, you narrow down the potentials to look at. You will know what y...
Thanks to Jay Markanich for this great advice on deck washing. I have seen so many decks while showing homes that look just like this picture.  I tell my neighbors.  I tell my clients.  I tell everybody who will listen.  NEVER pressure wash a deck!  When the pressure-wash companies send their col...
So, this is a post where I get to vent and warn others. I always thought that if I built good rapport with my potential buyer clients that they would be loyal to me. Wrong. I use to make EVERYONE sign a buyer agency agreement before viewing homes. I strayed from my rule a bit with some new client...

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