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You have stopped calling your parents at strategic times in hopes that they will invite you to dinner, because you don’t have any food or money.   When you clean the house you actually put stuff away and don’t just cram it in closets/under beds.   You actually wash the dishes before company comes...
My wannabe farming adventures started innocently. It began simply as “do you want to get some chickens?” My dear husband found four fully grown bantam chickens of unknown origin at a local feed store to be our experiments, two roosters and two hens. We had decided previously that our first lives...
I used to have grass in my yard I didn’t think growing it was all that hard But now four furry fiends Tear it apart at the seams And I think it is permanently marred.   There is electric fence everywhere Enough surely to deter a bear Yet they dig under And continue to plunder The livestock and pl...
So here we begin the adventure. My goal is to relocate a 50lb sack of grain from the back of the pick-up to the feed room, negotiating the front, back and goat yard with four gates, three dogs, twenty-five chicks and one strand of electric fence as physical obstacles that must be overcome. I heav...
The latest news questioning the safety of many common prescription drugs sheds some light on the way many people tackle (or don’t) their healthcare. People are going to the doctor for every minor discomfort, prodded by commercials and media, and are taking drugs from their doctors without questi...
Maybe you are ready to sell your home and need to spruce up the place in  hurry but you don’t want to sink big bucks into a home that will hopefully soon be someone else’s. Or you have finally gotten tired of the purple paint in the bathroom but don’t want to put a lot of money or effort into cha...
When milk is mentioned most people in the United States think of milk from a cow. But worldwide more people drink goat milk than cow milk, and some health conscious are making the switch, even in the developed world. There are many reasons why cow milk has become more popular in developed nation...
Making your own wine can be a simple, enjoyable and tasty hobby. Although many people think of grapes when wine is mentioned, a very nice wine can be made from various fruits and even honey. Apple wine is very easy and as fool proof as you can get. It does payoff to make a small investment in so...
Selling a home is often accompanied by other life changing events that complicate an already stressful event. The birth of a new family member or a death, the tragic break up of a marriage or employment changes are often cited as reasons for the need to find different housing and to market the ol...
 With all the confusion surrounding ourdiets, what's good for us and what isn’t …thisweek; many people are cutting out or back on theprocessed foods that have become a mainstay in thetypical American diet. They are reverting back to thetime tested foods that nourished people beforeprocessed food ...

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