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Today when I ordered my coffee the server filled my mug with boiling water, dumped it and then hand dried it.  I used it to warm my hands before I filled it from one of their hotpots. It was a little thing but it gave me a warm-fuzzy. It's the same with those old fashioned milkshakes. They're mix...
I’ve only been a Realtor® for a few years. Previously I owned an Apple Computer store and so you might think I’m technically inclined. I not. I was too busy running a store to get caught-up in the technology and it’s no different with real estate, or at least it shouldn’t be....
While at a seminar for Realtors recently I noticed the generally shabby attire of my counterparts. Of the fifty or so Realtors in attendance, I counted ten who I thought were presentably dressed. I doubt many of us would be in front of clients but still the dress was appalling. Levis, sandals and...
In today’s market who doesn’t want a great deal, but when a great deal is staring someone in the face, often fear sets in; The buyer offers too little and someone else gets the deal.  Take for instance a young couple who I recently helped by an REO (bank owned foreclosure) home. The bank drastic...
If you’ve tried to reach me in the past several days, you’ve found I’m unavailable except via email. No I haven’t had a heart attack but for the first time in my life I have had a health issue. It’s my lungs. The docs don’t know the cause yet and I’m the reason for my stay here at St. Lukes is to...
For the fourth time I'm reading Fiat Money Inflation in France.  This book details the fall of France in the 1800s due to it's failed monetary policies which were caused when they abandonded gold backed currency. I am struck by the similarity of what was being said by the pundits of their day and...

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