The unedited version of my professional and personal life. Observations, pet peeves, cries for help, and just plain nonsense.

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Why is it every time I type "blog" spellcheck warns me with that scary red squigly line that I have done something wrong? If you'll notice when you right click on the so-called misspelled word the possible suggestions are: bog, bloc, blob, blot and so on. I feel that if bloc and blob are in the d...
I have very much enjoyed AR so far. A great tool for business professionals; BUT I am really enjoying the generic blog posts about how someone's day went, or showing nightmares, someone's pet peeves, and such. These are the things that help lighten up my day. Let's face it, in this market who cou...
My daughter had an appointment with the dentist this morning. Unfortunately she had a cavity in one of her molars and even though she still has baby teeth (she's 5 years old) it had to be filled. Yes, I will get to the real estate part soon. Just being at the dentist's office makes me very uncomf...
Does anyone know of an area on this website that has very specific instructions on how to use the site? I feel as though I'm just scratching the surface and would like to get more out of this wonderful network of people, but I'm not sure how. I joined the newbie site but haven't been able to navi...
What a surprising response to my name!  Usually when people hear my name they say, "Oh, Kisti.  Well, that's ........different." Doesn't exactly inspire confidence. I received a lot of questions like: What does it mean? Does anyone else share your name? So, I am for the first time going to do som...
Well, as a newbie to the site I was warned by many of you that this could be addicting. I have to admit I didn't take that warning very seriously. Well, I am hooked. I just told another agent in our office that I was blogging last night for hours. The information on this site is unbelievable! Wha...
No, my name is not misspelled.  Thank you to everyone who has responded to me with my name spelled correctly.  Yes, I know it's an unusual name but it's what my parents chose. (off a gravestone no less) As an adult I have learned to appreciate it. As a child, I used to wish my name really was Kri...
I am saddened every morning as I turn on Good Morning America only to hear more tales of the neverending downturn of the real estate market.  I know things could be better, but they make it sound so dior. Where's the bright side? What a great time for buyers! The interest rates are low, the marke...

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