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Steven L. Smith, King of the House Home Inspection, is a licensed and working home inspector and lead instructor of home inspection at Bellingham Technical College. Smith was a two-term member of the WA state licensing board and is adjunct faculty for Washington State University and the Washington State Department of Agriculture. ASHI certified inspector. The information in this blog is designed to appeal to residents of the Pacific Northwest.
Bellingham Technical College was the first state-accredited home inspector training course back when home inspector licensing took effect a few years ago. The "Fundamentals of Home Inspection" three week course will begin on the campus of Bellingham Technical College on September 3, 2013. The one...
Most "modern" faucets, that I see attached to the exterior of the home in Bellingham and Whatcom County, will be frost-free hose bibbs with backflow prevention devices -- to keep gray water out of the potable water system. However, frequently even at new homes, out at the garden or at perimeter l...
My wife and I have traveled to Oaxaca City, Mexico every year for the past five years. We love going down there for a few weeks in the winter. We have made many friends down there. One of the people we enjoy the most is Nora Valencia. Nora, in addition to being a successful hotelier, is a wonderf...
This is an amusing and a revealing photo taken recently at an inspection at a large commercial building. It was dark inside the building, and bright sunlight prevailed at the outside. The picture tells the story, pretty poor energy efficiency at this door. You might be thinking that I should have...
Several years ago now, Bellingham Technical College's Fundamentals of Home Inspection was the first course in the state to receive approval from the Washington State Department of Licensing. This course attracts many students, from around the state who wish to be trained, in an approved course, t...
Based on my experiences, working as a Bellingham, WA home inspector, I would say that one of the most misunderstood components to be found in the home is the B-vent. The B-vent is commonly seen at gas furnaces, gas water heaters or gas is that metal chimney like device you see com...
A manufactured home inspection, in the mind of a buyer, should be inexpensive. After all, buyers figure that if they can purchase the home for a low fee (around here I have seen them at $30,000 and less if no land is involved) then the inspection should be pretty simple. Wrong -- inspections at m...
Working in the wet Pacific Northwest, as a Bellingham home inspector, I have often thought that substituting chains for proper downspouts was a poor idea. Honestly, I think a house with chains on the gutters would do just as well if the gutters were left open -- nothing attached. Chains are no be...
By design, many manufactured homes have composition roofs that are low-sloped. A general guideline is that composition shingles are suitable for a roof with a slope of 4/12 or greater. But, in fact, most inspectors do not worry much about a roof that is sloped at 3/12 or greater. The roof slope g...
My wife and I have been leaving the damp northwest (Bellingham) and heading down to Oaxaca in Mexico each winter for the past five years. We love the area and we really enjoy and appreciate the families at the B&B that we keep returning to year after year -- La Casa de Mis Recuerdos -- "The House...

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Steven L. Smith, King of the House Home Inspection, provides information for real estate buyers, sellers and real estate industry professionals. Blog posts emphasize issues commonly found in Bellingham, WA and Whatcom County. Smith is Washington State Licensed Home Inspector #207, a state licensed structural pest inspector, ASHI certified inspector #252760 and one of the most experienced inspectors in the northwest corner of the Pacific Northwest. Steven L. Smith is lead instructor of home inspection at Bellingham Technical College and teaches classes for Washington State University and the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Steve was a two-term member of the state licensing board.