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Information about real estate and lifestyle in St Croix, USVI for people who are considering retiring in the Virgin Islands, purchasing a second home, primary home, or land in St Croix, US Virgin Islands.



In our last installment, we left off with Chris Columbus meeting the Indians at Salt River Bay in 1493.  Skipping forward a bit - In the early 1640s, England and Holland were sparring over St Croix, and a bit later, the French and Spanish got into the mix.  From 1655 - 1665, the French leased the...
If you are like me, and just can't wait till you're 65 to "retire" to the virgin islands, but are SO READY to quit your current job and start a new life, then this post is designed specifically for you!  I started a new career here, and many other folks have done the same.  Some have turned forme...
St. Croix has a rich and interesting history. I've provided a very encapsulated version here - taken mostly from a wonderful resource that those of you who are considering moving here MUST have - and that's the Settler's Handbook for the US Virgin Islands (you can order your copy from www.gotostc...
I'm living my dream here in St. Croix - sold my business a few years back, chose St. Croix from all the Caribbean islands for relocation, bought real estate, and couldn't be happier!   I'm very bullish about our economy and all the positive changes coming to our island.  But if you have to sell, ...
As we enter the dog days of summer, I am falling even more in love with this beautiful island.  The days are hot, but the water feels oh so good!  Nothing better than slipping into the pool or ocean on a hot summer day!  And the evenings are so pleasant!  I couldn't sleep last night and just stoo...
Here's a good short video by Dennis Kneale on CNBC, recorded June 27, 2008, with a fresh and positive approach to the mortgage challenges faced by the real estate industry. Watch the Housing Video In St. Croix, we have not had the rate of foreclosures seen in some of the states Dennis mentions, l...

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