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Over the last couple of weeks we have noticed a real surge in the number of search queries on fastrealestate. There is a lot more interest in the us property market from off shore investors. The media have feature stories in Australia about the cheap house deals in the US and it's clearly showing...
We have produced a few sample videos from our listings on fastrealestate. If they prove popular we plan to offer the service as an "add on" to both agents and private sellers who use fastrealestate - we are using a number of sites to distribute the samples and so far the response has been encoura...
I'm sure you all know our site - I'm happy to see your sites listed in the comments here as long as you take the time to review another site along way... Lets see how it goes.
Two very different "strategies" in play here - the first one reveals very little about the property in question. The second gives much more detail. The question is would either of them inspire you to pickup the phone or hit the contact form? Print media or online media I think if you take the tim...
There are more than a few good SEO's who think Google places some sort of cap on traffic on a site by site basis. I was wondering if any of the search people here have any thoughts on this or first hand experience perhaps. We certainly have sites in our network that have grown in content by hundr...
I just did some SEO work for a broker / friend of mine. His company is mostly commerical and business sales and he wanted to rank number 1 in Google for the term "city name business brokers". It took us a little while to obtian the ranking becuase his site was a mess and not ranking inside the to...
So this agent who has a pretty high local profile is starting a new office, she is breaking away from the main group to spread her wings so to speak. I've known her on a couple of levels for more than a few years and on a Saturday I got a call from her with regards to the "issues" with the curren...
While we are in the process of doing a long overdue update to FASTREALESTATE it's amazing how many small things you find that just might be keeping your site out of that number one place in the search results. Things like browser compatiblility and code validation, h1 / h2 and so on. Then you nee...
No not realy but if you have something to say and feel you can contribute then your more than welcome. Some recent topics of interest here ... Where to start~Search Engines  Speaking German....What set's you apart in the market? Great Discount on Seminar Real Estate Link ExchangeOur forum has a s...
Links work better when they come from sites that are on topic. One trick I use is to leverage off the authority of the larger trusted sites, point the links to a blog on theme and then run the blog links to my main site. You get a flow of PR or "authority" that converts to the theme of your site ...

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