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Our blog is written for REALTORs and Real Estate Agents who want to learn more about Social Media Marketing, Blogging and Video Marketing. We provide tips, tools, product reviews and resources that Realtors(r) can use to grow their business. We also show you how to improve these platforms with specific details and information that you can apply to your Marketing Strategy. We know that every task you do doesn't directly make you money. So you should be delegating those tasks to professionals with experience and knowledge. We can do it faster and better! Our job is to EXPOSE YOU!
Optimize Your Website for Mobile UsersA few years ago, the term Mobilegeddon was coined. Ever since then many articles and strategies have been developed to better implement the use of Mobile devices with your website and blogs, etc. Mobilegeddon is a name given by webmasters and web-developers t...
 Think about that quote. This could be you if you hired out the work that doesn't directly make you money! This little guy gets it!             
100 Real Estate Haikus - Local Marketing Geographic MarketingIt seems that I can't share enough information about Geographic Marketing. Geographic marketing really means that you are focusing on local marketing. We also call this hyper-local marketing. When most agents look back at where there cl...
Can You Use Pinterest in Real Estate Marketing?Is Pinterest valuable in real estate marketing? If so, how can you use Pinterest to Market your Real Estate Business. I just finished reading an article from RIS Media where they review some really great stuff and I thought I would double-down on thi...
As many of you know, I went through Tech Support Hell two weeks ago with both the provider and the web host. As professionals, you would expect that they would be the ones who would diagnose and solve my issues!Sadly no. Many times it's the consumer who is the one who doesn't know their way aroun...
What the Hell Just Happened?Have You Ever Had Issues With Your Website?So Monday, I updated a plugin on my website. Tuesday, I went to my site and WTF!!!! (Willing To Fix.....what were you thinking!)Anyway, My website went from fully complete with a beautiful home page and lots of content to a so...
Are Your Friends Cat Lovers or Haters?It's funny, but it seems that people either love cats or hate them.I have one friend who dislikes them very much. His philosophy is, "Cats? Love 'em but they don't have much meat on ‘em."Another friend is a major dog lover and believes that movie line from Jo...
Life Happens - #18 100 Real Estate Haikus - It's About Life  Recently I wrote a post about a situation that happened recently to my mom. She fell off the wagon.... Okay, I mean she really fell off the top of  the Hay Wagon!!! She landed pretty hard and broke her shoulder badly enough to need surg...
Lower Rates and Better Loan Processing Decrease DefaultGreat News for Home BuyersWe have great news for Home Buyers! Lower Interest Rates and Better Loan Processing Procedures have produced the lowest national level of mortgage loan defaults since levels last seen prior to the Great Recession, ac...
Stand Out From the CrowdBecome an Online InfluencerOnline influencers are usually someone who lives and breathes through their niche market social media accounts. They are the cool kids online who can and do often create new terms and phrases that influence the way the other part of the social wo...

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Our specialty is all facets of Real Estate Social Media and Marketing. Our Team of Virtual Assistants provide tools and resources that you can use to grow your real estate business online. We develop, implement and maintain social media and marketing plans for REALTORS(r).

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Social Media isn't just a suggestion for business marketing, it's a Necessity!

Social Media Marketing also helps you create and maintain your branded image so people separate you from all of the rest of the neighborhood Agents.

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