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With most my past transactions there has never been an issue with when the keys were handed over.  Now I am facing a very difficult situation.  I am selling a house and the buyer wants to close on the same day that my house that I am buying closes.  I have set up the contracts so that I have the ...
AR has been a great resource for all my questions.  Now comes time to put my personal possesions in the hands of someone else.  I am moving and I usually handle the move myself, but this time I don't have the time to do it myself.I have called a few moving companies to get quotes.  Does anyone ha...
I have recently purchased a Palm Treo and can upgrade my key to be on my phone.  From my "preview", I have seen that the MLS access from my phone is not as exciting as I thought it would be.I am sure some of you have the access on your phones.  How do you like it as compared to the little black k...
I think it is odd that most realtors do not own their own home (at least in this area, it is somewhere around 70% that do not).  However, maybe in other areas of the country it is much better than that.Since we are commission only, why don't we buy more of the product we are selling in order to c...
I think we should start a list of moving companies to warn people about.  These are the companies that get your contact number from the MLS, meaning there are obtaining it illegally.  I would like to find out who is selling this information and put an end to it.  You have to balance unwanted soli...
You may not be able to read this, but there are lots of indicators that could affect rates over this week.  If you have clients that have not locked yet, it might be a good idea to do so.  Have them contact their mortgage person to find out if they have locked or if they should lock (don't pay a ...
I am buying a house that is listed as Duplex with the County, however it is a single family home.  The city is telling me that the home can not be used as a duplex and they do not allow it under their control.  The city was created after the house was built, so there is some difficulty with chang...
I am working on a condo conversion currently.  Everything is going pretty smooth so far, but you never know what might happen.  This is a project that I am an investor in as well as the agent.  My questions pertain to the investor's side of the transaction.Has anyone out there completed a project...
I am thinking of doing Pod Casts.  I have not researched it yet, but there are several "classes" to help you create one.  Does one need to take one of these classes or can you create one yourself?  How does one create these Pod Casts and then what do you do with them?  What equipment is involved?...
Has anyone had success with mailings?  If so, what are you doing?  I have tried mailings and I don't get any response.  I have had coaches look at the mailings and it still doesn't work.

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