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I've been writing a series of blogs about how to take care of all those seemingly minor items that always seem to pop up on inspection reports.  They've been spread out over the last couple months so I wanted to re-cap them here: Tip #1-Vegetation Tip #2-Light Bulbs Tip #3-Caulk and Grout Tip #4-...
When I first ventured into this profession, I did a lot of research on my competition and what I found surprised me. For one, I didn't find any inspectors that offered different inspection choices. I'm not talking about ancillary services like septic, radon and mold. I'm talking about different ...
I've met many real estate agents that like to refer their favorite home inspector because they know exactly what he's going to say and that he's easy to contact, his delivery on what he finds (not an alarmist), what his report will look like, what kind of customer service skills he has, how his r...
According to Home Depot's website, you can purchase a wallplate for a receptacle or light switch for $0.22.  Very often, I find myself writing inspection reports with multiple receptacles and light switches missing wallplates.  I don't think anyone can argue that an uncovered receptacle is safe. ...
As mentioned in some of my other tips, conducive conditions for wood destroying organisms (carpenter ants, termites, some beetles and wood rot) are not only a requirement in WA state for inspectors to report on but most conditions are very easy to maintain.  Take a quick peak in the crawl space a...
What sets the inspector you use apart from the rest? I've heard the term "a dime a dozen" used for home inspectors many times and a lot of the time it's true! You'll call him and ask his price, he tells you and that's it! That's where I come in. Not only do my clients get a reasonable price, they...
The title says it all!! I've just recently found the world of blogging and am very proud to have found ActiveRain as my first venture.  Thanks for everyone who has read and commented on my posts!  I'll do do my best to keep the helpful info coming!
My client's safety is my number one priority when I'm inspecting a house.  If I come across a smoke/carbon monoxide detector that doesn't work, you guessed it, it goes on the report.  Every room in the house should have an operational smoke/carbon monoxide detector installed.  One very simple rea...
Caulk and grout will fail 100% of the time.  With exposure to moisture, expansion/contraction and normal wear and tear, caulk and grout will crack, peel and split.  Just like vegetation in contact with your home, failed caulk and grout are conducive conditions for wood destroying organisms.  Igno...
Almost every inspection that I've done, I've come across light fixtures that don't work.  Regardless of the actual problem, I write these fixtures in the report as "inoperable" and that further investigation is required.  Some inspectors have long narrative scripts that could include possible wir...

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