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I worked for a third party warranty management company for many years before I started Cascade Builder Services.  Here was their process:   1. Homeowners would mail or fax in their warranty request forms on paper. 2. We would take that paper to the warranty inspection and write notes on it and t...
As some of you may know, the House of Representatives passed the new home warranty bill, HB 1393, a couple months ago. This bill was aiming to require all builders in Washington State to back their homes with a new home warranty. It didn’t end up being passed through the Senate but came pretty cl...
Who hasn't heard someone say that about a builder because "my cousin's friend told me that their home had black mold" or something to that effect? Generally, when someone makes such a statement, it's related to a homeowner that either: 1. Didn't properly maintain their home and let small, easily ...
The Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) needs changing…..says Governor Gregoire. Gregoire created the Climate Advisory Team (CAT) in February of 2007 and they went on to create a report in 2008 recommending to “revise the Washington State Energy Code to achieve a 30 percent reduction in new build...
Builders takes great pride in the homes they build and the communities they create. It is their ultimate goal to create long term, lasting value. The homeowner has the exclusive opportunity after possession to understand and provide the appropriate maintenance for the new home. Occasional mainten...
  I'm predicting that the new Washington state law regarding agent/inspector referrals is going to be misinterpreted by many.  Therefore, I'd like to give Steven Smith's, very descriptive, blog some more exposure to help clarify the meaning.   Changes are taking place in Washington State real est...
Is there beauty in stress?   Tacoma Home Inspector
I generally write blogs on inspection related topics.  However, I also run another business that I'd like to introduce, Cascade Builder Services.  You may have never heard of this type business.  As far as I know, there is only one, maybe two, businesses in Washington state that provide the same ...
A very common problem I find in my area of the rainy state is excessive moisture in the crawl space.  More specifically, standing water.  Standing water can lead to problems from the "M" word to structural damage caused by wood destroying organisms.  The usual suspect is a negative grade towards ...
As you've probably read countless times on various inspector's blogs, we don't inspect for code violations.  My clients consistently ask if I'm going to find code violations in their future home.  While I know many of the codes in the counties that I inspect in and have many code books and resour...

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