Another awesome MeetUp at the 14 Carrot Cafe!  Kris Neese, Charles Buell, Rene Fabre, myself and Barbie Van Horn enjoying breakfast and one another! that guy in the back flipping us off?  
On Sunday, Lelani, Jeffrey, myself and of course Henry took advantage of a beautiful Washington day and hiked to the top of Rattlesnake Ledge.    
My nephew George was all wrapped up this weekend.  He made me do the same thing but I didn't allow pics of that!
Who's ready to rock and roll?!?!?  I'm so very happy to announce the 2014 Summertime ActiveRain Meetup Locations!!  Thank you to the hosts for organizing this round, without you there would be no MeetUp love.   If you have any questions regarding the MeetUp, please feel free to contact the host f...
Hello Rainers!  Bob and I are headed to San Francisco next week.  You know me, I'll seize any opportunity to have an AR MeetUp so I'm calling all Bay Area Rainers and visitors in town for Inman.   Just a little informal get together to hang out with other Rainers and share a few laughs.  Swing on...
CPK's were THE thing back in the 80's.  My Nanny (Grandmother) bought me mine.  That's me and Jolene on the right.  I think she's somewhere up in my parent's attic.  I'm talking about Jolene, not my Nanny :)
This news excites me as much as it does you.  I wanted to say Thank You to all of the support and loyalty you have had.  We've rolled out many changes, always with the best intentions and you've stood by us.  It means A TON and I thank you a million times over! Let it Rain!! ActiveRain Traffic Sk...
Lelani and George had the same idea this past weekend.  So damn cute it melts my heart!
Break out the flip-flops and sunscreen, it's MeetUp time! Are you ready to hang out with some awesome people again? Maybe you're new to AR but want to get out from behind the computer and relax with some Rainers who know good business.  The time is almost here! You might be asking what a MeetUp i...
This pic is pretty nostalgic.  I totally forgot about that couch until I saw this.  It wasn't any microfiber or leather lemme tell you!  The bag I'm carrying is my from my Grandfather's butcher shop on Long Island.  Miss him a ton and talk to him a lot in my prayers.  I'm wearing another tutu so ...

Kerrie La Guardia

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