I must admit, when my Aunt picked Utah for our family reunion this year I wasn't exactly overcome with excitement.  I'd never been and honestly never really payed that much attention to ever going. Family from New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Washington and Idaho were all en route to Heber City, U...
Many have asked when the Summer MeetUps will take place this year and it's time to get the party started!! What's a MeetUp you ask?  Well, a MeetUp is an informal get together for those interested in connecting and informally hanging out with other ActiveRain members and real estate professional...
Here's a pic of my nephew George doing his best Jack impression.  
Yankees were in town this past weekend.  I was lucky enough, to have seats right behind their dugout for one game and I took my jersey off and none other than Andy Pettitte signed it!!!  I was shaking!!!  Only problem is I now need to go get another jersey because I am never washing this one!  NY...
This Keeping it Fresh is brought to you by Norma Toering.   How long have you been in business?                                                        I celebrated my 20th anniversary in the business last October. What outfit do you own that makes you feel invincible? I'm more of an accessories ...
Keep your blogs eye popping by including a picture or two.  If you're blogging about a listing get out there and take some pictures of your own to use in your post.   Sometimes you just need a row of mailboxes or a holiday photo of sorts.  Maybe a shot of the NYC skyline.  Do not Google "new york...
I'm just getting back from my honeymoon where we had a magical week in the Caribbean. Here's a pic of us in Saint Thomas en route to Saint John to go snorkeling at Trunk Bay.  Amaze!!!
Check out our new look!  AR has been developing this for quite some time and even let our Ambassadors in on a sneak peek so as to gain feedback.  We're very happy with it and hope you are too!  Stay tuned for more enhancements in the coming months! ActiveRain Gets a New Header Design Lots of fun ...
On May 4th I was wed to my love, Lelani.  I now truly understand why people say their wedding day was the best day of their life (until the birth of their children of course....not there yet).  We don't get our professional photos back for a few weeks but I promise to share when we do.  Here's a ...
Beautiful tulips to share with a beautiful community!

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