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Good morning!I woke this morning thinking about hugs…Hugs are great. Hugs are a special connection between two human beings…A moment of intimacy. Of love. Of understanding…A moment of time where our guards come down…Where it is ok to be who we are, where we are, at this exact moment.They let us k...
Good morning! I woke early this morning… Perhaps it was waking in a strange bed? I had, after all, woken at my sisters house in Roscoe, Illinois… I had driven out the night before to celebrate my dad’s birthday… We went out for a nice meal.  Nice restaurant.  Nice ribeye… Anyway, dinner was delic...
Good morning!! December 11th, 2021.  5:37… I woke this morning thinking about my dad… For today is his birthday.  His 81st… My dad is a good man. He is honest.  Hard working.  Loyal… Dad is far from perfect.  Certainly all of us are… But his imperfection, especially in his younger years, is what ...
Good evening!! I received an email this afternoon from the program director over at NCTV17… As many of you know, I have been hoping to put myself out there in front of a larger audience, whether it be by my use of video, or perhaps even with my writing… I have learned over the years that I am ver...
Good morning!!I woke this morning thinking about hope…Hope is a good thing. It can give us comfort during a storm…Hope is a belief that things can get better…Hope is optimism…It keeps us moving towards the light...It is having faith when life seems to be crumbling around us...It keeps us on the r...
  Good morning!! It is 5:29 am. Thursday, December 9th, 2021… I woke this morning thinking about potential… Potential is something we all have inside… To be something more. Or, I guess, to be something less… I have always thought of potential as the possibility to be the best we can be… The peopl...
Good morning!!!December 8th, 2021. 5:17 am says the clock on my computer…Thats a funny thing about the modern world with which we live…The clocks that we so rely on are now accurate. Kept in sync by some magic power that is beyond my understanding. Anyway…I woke this morning thinking about goals…...
Good morning!!I wanted to introduce you to my son Auggie…Born August Stephen Tracy on April 30th, 2021…He is just over 7 months old…He is beautiful.He is warm. Chubby. A great cuddler…And most importantly, he is happy…His smile lights up the room…Lights up the world…And most importantly, lights u...

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