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The title of Chris Elizabeth Griffith's post Just Because Someone's Holding A Hose , Does That Make Them A Firefighter?  caught my eye.  I'm an active duty firefighter and an active duty realtor.  Do you ever see those people on ESPN with a garden hose, standing precariously on their roof, flames...
I guess most of us know by now that nothing in life that's worth anything comes easy.  As a matter of fact, most of us have found that most everything worth while comes with a little bit of pain.   Have you had this experience?   You're at work, walking down the hallway on the way to your office ...
 How do we start the day?  We get up in the morning, perform the essential physical and mental tasks and create the ground work for taking on the world.  For some of us this activity can take longer than for others.   The ritual starts with a shower and all those other things and then in to the o...
Making My Final Decision                                                           Making My Final DecisionAfter clarifying the job and getting an accurate picture of the expectations, the next step is to look at whether I see a fit for me in this role on the team.    In order to arrive at my dec...
Gathering the Information                                                                               Gathering The InformationPurpose of the Job -  In order to determine the purpose of the job I would ask the responsible individual.  This is usually the team lead or the person I will be accoun...
  Role or job definition becomes very important when I have to make a decision on whether I want a job or not.  I'm speaking more in terms of a team but this applies to any job with any organization.  It also takes on a level of importance when I define my job a certain way and others who depend ...
I Need Pills .You got a common cold today and thought you might stroll down to the neighborhood drug store and buy some Sudafed to clear up your runny nose.  When you get to the area where the pharmacy is located, you search relentlessly for the over the counter medication that fixed what ailed y...

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